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Jeff Gordon 2010 Daytona 500
Thomas Martin's #5 in the tech line Nascar Bricks
Alexis & Teresa meet Anthony Giannone Mike Shawhan's Jack Sellers Race car from the observation deck at Buttonwillow
Michael Shawhan Anthony & #54 car chief, Gil Munoz
Car Chief Jake Koens makes sure everything is good to go.
Jack Sellers Racing #11 Jack Sellers #15
Monza 2013
The JSR Stock Car looks good on the truck and on the track
Thomas Martin, Michael Shawhan & Bill Shawhan
Mike is ready for another run Michael & Thomas Martin
Monza 2013 Monza 2013
AG, Brett Thompson & Scott Ivey Monza 2013
#5 in tech Mike gets some advice from John Krebs and his dad, Bill
Cameron Millard, John Sellers Racing Team Manager John Krebs and Michael Millard confer.
Monza 2013 Michael Waltrip has plenty of advice to share when it comes to social media and racing