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Mike Shawhan's Jack Sellers Race car from the observation deck at Buttonwillow Thomas Martin's #5 in the tech line
Jeff Gordon 2010 Daytona 500
Nascar Bricks Alexis & Teresa meet Anthony Giannone
Thomas Martin, Michael Shawhan & Bill Shawhan Michael Shawhan
Anthony & #54 car chief, Gil Munoz
Car Chief Jake Koens makes sure everything is good to go. t
Jack Sellers Racing #11 Jack Sellers #15
Monza 2013
The JSR Stock Car looks good on the truck and on the track
Mike is ready for another run
Michael & Thomas Martin Monza 2013
Monza 2013 AG, Brett Thompson & Scott Ivey
Monza 2013 #5 in tech
Mike gets some advice from John Krebs and his dad, Bill Cameron Millard, John Sellers Racing Team Manager John Krebs and Michael Millard confer.
Monza 2013