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calificaciòn aguascalientes 160612 Michael Shawhan speaks with John Krebs
Post engine malfunction Depression shows on the face of AG & the AMG crew
Rocker through the oil pan means the end of the day for AG
gran triunfo Anthony Giannone waits for practice to begin
Cameron Millard, John Sellers Racing Team Manager John Krebs and Michael Millard confer. End of the day smile from Michael Shawhan
Carlos & a member of the #51 crew
AG waiting to be introduced to the fans
AG & a young admirer Anthony Giannone & his #54 K&N Stock Car
Buscando un Lugar A Kyle Busch fan meets AG
AG answers questions from the fans
AG meets Brooklyn
carrera aguas
rafa martines practica aguascalientes 160612
carrera aguas 2
team gp sabado df
Harumi McClure, Brad McClure, Bill Shawhan & Mike Shawhan Robin Osborne, Steve Ertzner & Mike Cesario
Michael Shawhan Mike Shawhan's Jack Sellers Race car from the observation deck at Buttonwillow
Cameron runs down the backstretch Carlos Vieira & the #51 Rasing Autism Awareness Money Car