DIANE DeWITT (car owner No. 55* Cracker Barrel Ford) -- For Daytona (Feb. 17 Goody's Headache Powder 300) we'll have sponsorship from Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores and MADD -- Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Cracker Barrel will be evaluating the program and once we get Daytona (NASCAR Busch Series season opener) out of the way they'll shortly be deciding whether they want to finish the season on the car. We don't know how quickly they'll know what they're doing, but we won't sit out much while we're waiting for them. We've got the University program still in place for him (NASCAR Raybestos Rookie of the Year candidate Johnny Chapman of Stony Point, N.C.). Last year we had Florida State on the No. 55 car and North Carolina State on the 55 once and the No. 66 a couple times. We've got four or five universities signed up for this season and there will be some university on the car at every race we go to. The University of Miami has come on board and will be on the Cracker Barrel car at Daytona. (What does program involve?) We bring a show car to the school and we're developing souvenirs with the university and race team logos. The university gets its regular royalties and the race team will get some royalties from it as well.

DALE FISCHLEIN (No. 70 Cracker Barrel Chevrolet) -- We'll have sponsorship from Cracker Barrel and MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) for the Goody's (Headache Powder) 300. The program is only for Daytona right now, but they may decide to do some more races. We're prepared to run five races this year, unless they decide to finish the season or add some other events. We'll be doing race-by-race sponsorships. We're planning on running Daytona, Atlanta, Talladega, Milwaukee and Homestead. They (Cracker Barrel) may throw in one or two other races if things go well. We've got good equipment, now we're just looking for some financial help. I'm working full-time on the race cars now -- I'm not with Dave Marcis any longer (Fischlein, a former NASCAR Winston Racing Series regional champion, worked as Marcis' crew chief on the NASCAR Winston Cup Series for the past several seasons) -- and that should help this effort. Maybe we can make things work out.