ANDY HOUSTON (No. 30 Ricker Trucking Pontiac) -- (On why his time was disallowed in first round qualifying) In the back panel there was a duct blowing cold air out. They didn't like the location of it. They made us move it over. I don't think it affected anything because the car still ran strong. (On being fastest second round qualifier.) It's still good. I'm really happy to have been on the front row in my first time at Daytona (Houston's time/speed was second fastest on both days) even though we aren't going to get to start there. I think the car will race good. We'll try some drafting in this afternoon's practice to get the car adjusted to running in a pack. I may try to hook up with some other cars early and see if we can make our way to the front, but most of the cars I'm around are running a good bit slower than I am.

CARROLL JENKINS (No. 92 Sunset Carson Housing Chevrolet) -- All the credit belongs to the crew. They worked hard to get the car to where it is. We came back in here at 7 a.m. this morning and took the car apart. They fine-tuned this car so it would run this strong. They checked the brakes, the transmission, the angle of the driveshaft, everything that we could think of that might have been in a bind and slowed us down yesterday. We made a leap forward, but it was the crew that did it and not me. All I do is mash the gas.


PHIL DENYES (General Manager DAYTONA USA) -- I think everybody is familiar with the building that's going up by our Visitors' Center. In less than five months, DAYTONA USA, the "Ultimate Motorsports Attraction," opens. The building will be done in a couple weeks and we'll start putting the exhibits in on March 12. I think this is going to be tremendous for the area. We hope to put 700,000 people through the first year. The average fan will spend two and a half hours in the facility. It's going to mean a lot to our sport and all the events that go on at the Speedway. We've got a nice event going on at the Speedway on the morning of Feb. 19. The winning car, exactly the way it crosses the finish line, will be presented to DAYTONA USA. It's very special for us to receive the winning car after the Daytona 500. We'd like to announce that we are going to be involved as sponsor of Friday's NASCAR Goody's Dash Series race, which will officially be known as the DAYTONA USA Motorsports Attraction 200.

LESA KENNEDY (DAYTONA USA Motorsports Attraction 200 Honorary Starter) -- I've been involved with the Speedway all my life and I've met a lot of honorary starters, but I never dreamed I would have the opportunity to be one. I was really surprised when they asked me and I appreciate it. All of this is an effort to bring the sport closer to our fans. You're going to see a lot more of it. We have some special projects for over the weekend. One of them will be during the pre-race for the Daytona 500. We're going to have a live pit stop demonstration and actually pull fans from the audience. That will be one of the things that will be happening inside of DAYTONA USA and it will be a chance for fans in the audience on Sunday to experience it. I'm looking forward to Friday and waving the green flag. I'm also looking to July 5 and the opportunity to wave the green flag for the opening of Daytona USA.

RICHARD PETTY (DAYTONA USA Motorsports Attraction 200 Grand Marshal) -- To get this thing cranked off to begin with, they had a bunch of the race car drivers over and I drove up in my car and got out and said, "Gentlemen, start your construction." They cranked up all the bulldozers and stuff. I think this is a really super project. We've got a little museum at Petty Enterprises. There's a lot of people who don't know that much about racing and they learn just a little bit in the museum. This will be a real educational situation, with a lot of school kids. If we can start them out young, when they get big they'll buy tickets, so that's the name of the game. This is going to be a super project. We'll probably have a car or two in there and be involved. We've been real lucky at Daytona. That's been one of our better race tracks. We grew up with the race track. My father won the first race here. It's been a long time since we've won one, but we're back to try again. We feel real honored to be part of this situation.