DAYTONA BEACH, FL (October 27, 2003) -- As the NASCAR banner lowered on the final 2003 DASH series shortly after the checker waved its last victor across the finish line, at Atlanta, the new owners were poised and ready to raise the new standard.

Chris Boals, Director of NASCAR Regional Touring expressed that the DASH Series was in good hands with the new owners, Buck Parker and Randy Claypoole of BRDAYTONA.

On hand at the Awards Ceremony was Randy Claypoole, Executive Vice President for BRDAYTONA. He was introduced by Mike Joy, of Fox Sports, as NASCAR passed the baton to the new owners of the DASH Series.

He addressed the crowd with enthusiasm and offered a solid direction and a promising future.

Claypoole congratulated the new Champion, Robert Huffman and then expressed appreciation to NASCAR and to Goody's for their support over the years.

"We are excited to be here at the end of one era and ready to begin a new day and time for the Dash Series," Claypoole said.

"Soon the airwaves, chat rooms and race shop gossip will be filled with the incredible things planned for this series. We are so excited the day has come for our team to shift in high gear, break out of the background and make the Dash series, (in your wildest dreams), into something that will rock the motorsports world."

"We are taking an aggressive, out of the box, approach that will unveil a fresh and exciting product. Our intense marketing efforts and marketing partners will capture the attention of not only the current fans of stock car racing, but an entirely new constituency of fans and participants that are looking for something new and exciting, something different than the normal, something beyond the cookie cutter."

"We will make a captivating entry into a whole new world earning the interest of the current rage surrounding the compact car market."

"As 2004 begins, everyone will see, this TRULY is a NEW DASH Series."

Robert Huffman five-time series champion for the series is moving on to the Craftsman Truck Series with Toyota in 2004. Despite the fact he is leaving he is encouraged by the direction the DASH Series is headed and excited about its future. "This new leadership will take the series into the future of what the compact car is all about. For the series to continue and evolve they need to catch the fast and furious generation and the new owners have the potential to make that happen," said Huffman.

Claypoole also announced the new sanctioning body IPOWERacing which stands for "International Participants of Winning Edge Racing. The IPOWERacing website is set to launch in November.

-IPOWERacing DASH Series