Darrell Waltrip on Benny Parsons

"Benny Parsons was the kindest, sweetest, most considerate person I have ever known," said Darrell Waltrip. "He was almost too nice to be a race car driver and I say that as a compliment.

In my 30 odd years of racing Benny Parsons, I never knew of anyone being mad at Benny.

Some of my fondest memories in racing were racing Benny. In the Coca Cola 600, we had a whale of a battle and it was one of the best races ever held at Charlotte.

One of the funniest was in the 1981, Bud Shootout.  I passed Benny on the
apron at the start-finish line to win the race.  Benny said 'you
can't do that!'  I said, 'I didn't see any out-of-bounds
markers!'  You sure couldn't do that today.

Benny Parsons was a great champion, a great ambassador for our sport but more than that, he was a great person. He exemplified that good guys can be winners too.

Stevie, the girls and I pray for Terri, Phil and the entire Parsons family to find the strength to get through this."

-credit: dw