(Yarmouth, ME) - Penfold Motorsports, which has finished in the top 15 of NASCAR Busch North Series standings in each of the last three years, is already well under way with preparations for the 2001 season. Despite having the 2000 season end on a down note with a broken transmission at Lime Rock's season finale, the team and driver Bill Penfold are hard at work preparing three Chevrolets for the coming year.

"After Lime Rock, we went right to work and put a new snout on the car we wrecked at Loudon," Bill said last week. That's off the chassis jig and ready to get a body put on. We put a new body on the short-track car, which is still going to be a '99 Monte Carlo. The Lime Rock car's body has very little damage since we broke the running gear, the transmission and the rear end. We're going to fix those and get that car together.

"Hopefully we'll have the cars ready by February," he continued. "The short-track car will be race-ready for Lee (in April). We'll be preparing the best we can and hopefully we can get some financial help."

Penfold Motorsports has had two meetings with a motorsports marketing firm that has extensive motorsports marketing experience and will be applying that experience to solicit sponsorship for the #0 Busch North car.

"It looks real promising in that they want to help dig in and help us get some sponsorship," Bill said. "I'm not a salesperson, I drive race cars. I can talk to people and everything, but I can't sell myself to people. We needed someone in that department who could do it for us, and I think we've found the person who wants to do it for us."

Another piece of the puzzle that is already in place is the crew, lead by Bob Harrison and Bryan Thompson.

"Bob and everybody is still on the same deal as last year with the crew," Bill said, "and we've been talking to a couple more people we might pick up, and we'll try to improve. We had some real good races last year, we just broke some parts and it cost us in the long run. We made 14th overall last year, and we're going to try to buy some new parts for next year if we get some help."