Pittman a hit with the NASCAR Goody's Dash Series at Award's Ceremony in Greensboro.

GREENSBORO, NC (November 23, 2002) NASCAR and Goody's Dash Series drivers, crews, family, friends and sponsors gathered at the Greensboro Convention Center for the Annual Award's Ceremony. Arlene Pittman who finished 15th in the series, which has some 68 drivers, was on hand to accept her award.

A special surprise on awards night was the presentation of the "Dash Diplomat Of The Year Award" presented to Pittman for her efforts during the 2002 Dash Season. The plaque reads, "In Recognition of your outstanding leadership in setting the standard of diplomacy while representing the best interest of the NASCAR Goody's Dash Series 2002."

Despite her position outside the top 10 finishers, the name Arlene Pittman has been heard and seen in print more than some of the contenders because of her ability to promote and willingness to appear on behalf of the series at autograph sessions at every race venue. Her striking "Pink Fire" car and her off track persona have made her and "Pink Fire" media magnets this season.

Pittman's first Season with the NASCAR Goody's Dash Series was not without it's ups and downs, but over all Pittman was encouraged by the series as a whole. "This was a good learning experience for me. I missed Daytona last year so I am really looking forward to racing Daytona for my first time in 2003," said Pittman. Arlene Pittman racing is also looking to expand her racing experience. "There are some deals in process that would allow me to drive NASCAR Craftsman's Truck for my first time during the 2003 season," said Pittman

Pittman was featured in the December edition of the Official NASCAR Members Magazine as "The Lady in Pink" referring to her success in the series driving the #7 "Pink Fire" Pontiac.

Pittman thanks her 2002 sponsors, Tom Raper RV's,VP Racing Fuel and WhoWon.com. "Without the support and confidence of a sponsor, it is impossible to make it in this business," said Pittman. Pittman continues the search for a primary sponsor for 2003.

She and "Pink Fire" will be testing at Daytona in January for the opening of the Dash Series during Speedweek.