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JASON KELLER -- No. 27 Cottonelle Ford Fusion -- (qualified 21st, finished 5th) A GREAT FINISH, DESPITE THE FACT YOU DIDN'T HAVE RADIO COMMUNICATION FOR MOST OF THE NIGHT. "Yes, about the first 100 laps, it was pretty quiet in there. The...

JASON KELLER -- No. 27 Cottonelle Ford Fusion -- (qualified 21st, finished 5th)

A GREAT FINISH, DESPITE THE FACT YOU DIDN'T HAVE RADIO COMMUNICATION FOR MOST OF THE NIGHT. "Yes, about the first 100 laps, it was pretty quiet in there. The Brewco team, they decided to take two [tires] there at the end. We were about a seventh place race car and we ran really good times on the longer runs. And two tires were definitely the way to go at the end. I tried to hold the 18 [Brad Coleman] there at the end, but let him get by. When you surround yourself with great people and fast race cars, my job becomes easy. It was just a really good day the entire Cottonelle Ford Fusion team. It was a real good night all around and just driving hard; it's all racing. I guess I was best Ford and that's pretty good. I'm just smiling again. It's good when you have fast race cars."


CARL EDWARDS -- No. 60 Dish Network Ford Fusion -- (qualified 9th, finished 8th)

HOW WOULD YOU SUM UP YOUR DAY? "It was pretty frustrating. But you know what's cool? We raced hard and we had a lot of fun racing here at Milwaukee. Congratulations to Denny Hamlin. I can't believe they did a driver switch and he still won the race; that's pretty awesome. But the Dish Network Ford Fusion was good, it's a shame we had the flat tire."

YOU GUYS WERE GOOD WHEN YOU COULD BE GOOD, IS THAT HOW YOU GUYS LOOKED AT IT TONIGHT? "Yes, you have to be in the position to win these races. You have to have the fastest car and still you can lose them like this. We lost last we through a mistake, but that's how it goes.

YOU'VE BEEN SO DOMINANT IN THIS SERIES, IS THAT HOW RACING GOES SOMETIMES? "You have good luck and bad luck in racing, we just kind of had a bad luck night. But it was still fun."


DAVID RAGAN -- No. 6 Discount Tire Ford Fusion -- (qualified 13th, finished 12th)

"It was a long night. We started in the back and we just never had good track position all night. We had an ill-handling car all night. I guess we were pretty lucky to finish 12th, but on the other side we should have been better than that. When we ran into the 18 [Brad Coleman] or 10 [Todd Bodine], or whoever that was on pit road, that certainly didn't help us. We were fighting all night, but next week we'll be back to normal."


RICHARD JOHNS -- No. 25 FreeCreditReport.com Ford Fusion -- (qualified 25th, finished 19th)

"The FreeCreditReport.com Ford Fusion was pretty good all night. We started off struggling a little bit. We didn't qualify quite as good as we needed to and that kind of hurt us. We had a good solid top-20 finish, which is what we needed. We had a little mess-up there at the end, but all in all a good finish for us. We still have all four fenders on the car, but two of them are dented in, but they're on there. So, we'll go to Loudon and get a better finish there."


MARCOS AMBROSE -- No. 59 Kingsford Charcoal Ford Fusion -- (qualified 12th, finished 15th)

"Six months ago, I would have been happy with a 15th place finish, but today, I'm not. We had a fairly ordinary piece out there. I think we did as well as we could with it. I feel like I got the most out of what I had. I just have to get better at giving the crew better feedback in the races. The first part of the race wasn't too bad, but as the race went on, we just got over tight. It was a struggle."


TODD KLUEVER -- No. 16 3M Ford Fusion -- (qualified 23rd, finished 18th)

"I'm a little disappointed in our finish, I thought we had a better car than that. Eddie [Pardue, crew chief] and the guys did a great job. I can't say enough about them. We unloaded and weren't real good at all. It's really cool to have a team that when you're not real good off the truck, they put their heads down and dig real hard. That's what they did. I'm real proud of them. But, I thought we had a car that could run better than that. We had some contact with the 77 [Ron Hornaday Jr.] there and I feel like I had the spot going into turn one and he was trying to come down on us. So, we knocked the front fender and had to pit off sequence, which put us last there on the restart. Then it just happened to be that restart where we had the longest green flag run of the night. I ran as hard as I could. I was passing as many as I could, but just ran out of time. We didn't need that caution to come up at the end and we would have been all right. We could have been on the lead lap without that caution, maybe a top-10 car. It was an unfortunate night. But I'm real proud of my guys and hope to do better in New Hampshire."


KYLE KRISILOFF -- No. 14 Lilly/Walgreens Ford Fusion (qualified 29th, finished 24th)

"Our car just wasn't very good after about 10 or 15 laps. I just ran as best as I could. There at the end, I got inside a car for position, but got inside him too soon, so I was charged with a pass through. We were running 21st, which isn't great. We're a single car team, so I guess we'll take small steps. Overall, it was a pretty good night. I just wish we were a little bit better."

-credit: ford racing

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