Watch out Richmond SuperTrucks...he's ready and raring to go racing. Winslow Motorsports, Inc. is please to announce that Ernest Winslow "that pig farmer from North Carolina" will be loading up and heading his new Chevrolet SuperTruck to the September 7, 1995 race in Richmond, Va.

NASCAR's Dash Series 1994 Rookie of the Year has graduated and is stepping up to the premier season of the hottest thing in racing...the SuperTruck series. Having started a number of years ago on the regional tracks then moving up to the Dash Series, Ernest has left each level with an impressive Win, Top 5 and Top 10 finish record. The highlight of his career (so far) was achieving the Rookie status for the 1994 race season. Ernest Winslow, is a working partner on his family's large farming and hog operation located in Scotland Neck, North Carolina. Winslow Motorsports, Inc. is proud to be the first team in the NASCAR professional series from the Eastern part of the state. Ernest's deep family roots and small southern town upbringing allows him to develop an immediate rapport with race crowds everywhere. The complete organization is based on team effort. Each individual is an intricate part of the operation and comradeship allows the team to work like a fine tuned engine. A fully operational garage facility built on the farm has been a strong point to Ernest's past success. With a dedicated pit crew headed up by Crew Chief, Ronnie Riddle, of Tarboro, North Carolina, the team expects to be at the top of the SuperTruck series shortly.

Ernest resides in Scotland Neck, North Carolina with his wife, Mary and has one daughter Rebecca.

The new SuperTruck, once again #68, will be tested in Richmond on August 23rd and 24th and again the following week in North Wilkesboro.

For more information on Winslow Motorsports, Inc., or find out why we are always #68, contact us at Compuserve, 76162,2702.

NASCAR SuperTruck series drivers, you better watch out because one of the hottest drivers to come up in years is READY TO RACE!