- Jack Sprague clinched the championship just by starting the race today at Fontana. This was the third series championship for Sprague having won the first two in 1997 and 1999. He now holds the NASCAR record for the most championships in the Truck Series.

Scott Riggs, Jon Wood and Sprague were going for the lead when Riggs and Wood had contact putting Riggs off line and into Sprague. Tempers flared on pit lane when Sprague gave a front to rear bumper hit on Riggs and Riggs retaliated giving the same tap to Sprague. NASCAR officials did not hesitate and sent both drivers to the garage.

The ruling may change the outcome of the rest of the top ten as Riggs was second in the standings with only four points over Joe Ruttman. "I thought I had cleared when I was clipped [team informed me it was the 50 car]. It was an unfortunate accident," said Riggs. "Apparently, some people were a bit hot and one thing lead to the other [regarding the pit lane incidents]. Not the way to finish the season."

Travis Kvapil who has had a remarkable first year in the Craftsman Truck series took the 'Rookie-of-the-Year' title.

NASCAR officials allowed Hendrick Motorsports to fix Sprague's truck and allowed him to take a victory lap at the end of the race and of course, he did a donut!

"I am very happy, the guys did a great job all year," commented Sprague. "Hendrick Motorsports deserved this championship, we had a lot of trouble but we did it."

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