Kasey Kahne has won both of his first two career NCTS starts (Darlington, Homestead)

KASEY KAHNE (No. 2 Team ASE/Carquest Dodge Ram)

"It was a great run. The Team ASE Dodge was really good. It's cool that Bobby Hamilton was able to win the championship for Dodge. And Dodge won the manufacturers championship. It was a great year for Dodge. This Ultra Motorsports team has given me a great truck for both races. To go two for two -- one win at Darlington and here at Homestead -- is pretty awesome.

"At the start it we were wanting to get it rolling. The truck was better on used tires there. It was pretty fun being back there with all of those other trucks. It was a good time. We just kept getting better and better and worked our way up and had great pit strategy to get us up to the front. We needed to be there. I think if Ted would have started in the front of that final restart he would have won too. They had a great race truck also.

"We just had to keep running hard. The truck wasn't as good in a way. The sun went down and there was a ton of grip on the track. We just kept running hard, and I would've had to spin out or something for him to pass us at that point. It was pretty nice to drive such a good handling truck.

"I had a lot of fun. It was pretty cool I've got to thank Ray Evernham and Doug Stringer -- my Cup owner and Busch owner -- for letting me do this."

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