Is There Pressure to Win: "I don't do that. We won the biggest race of the season and turned right around and won our second race. Obviously, we won four last year and we've not done that this year but there are two reasons for that. We got off a little bit because we're trying to get better and the competition has stepped up another 18 percent or so if you look at the numbers. So that means us getting behind and the competition is very stiff these days, but we're still probably one of the most consistent race teams out there. We should not be fourth or fifth in points right now."

Chase Format to Trucks: "For the last two or three years, this series has come down to the closest battle, no matter how they've done it. At Homestead last year, Musgrave had it won one lap and Setzer had it won one lap and I had it won one lap and it wasn't done until the last five laps of the race. And the year before that, they had to hold the champion on pit road just to figure out who's going to be the champion. That gets overshadowed. I don't think championships should go down to the same race at the end of the year. I think they need to arrange the schedule where the Busch Series last race is at Atlanta and the Cup series last race is at Homestead or something. I know that's tough for them to do or maybe impossible, but if each of the three tiers had their own race, even though we might be with Cup at Atlanta but it was our championship race and that was the end of our season, we would get more publicity that way. We wouldn't have 30,000 or 40,000 people at Atlanta, and then we'd have 90,000. I won the championship at Homestead and Kasey Kahne won the race and we didn't get a lot of TV time until they got done with Kasey Kahne in victory lane."