Ron Hornaday, Jr., No. 33 Camping World Silverado, Started 1st, Finished 5th:

"The Camping World Silverado was awesome. Our handling was good. Rick Ren (crew chief) told me to come on pit road and I caught the 51 and 30 (two lead trucks, Hornaday running third at time of final green flag stop) on pit road. We got in there and I don't know what happened on the right front tire, but we had a slow pit stop. Hey, we won a championship last year and these guys know what happened. They will figure it out and fix their problem. Hey, we got a top-five, which is great after what happened at Daytona. Chevrolet Silverado, Camping World, just everyone who is a part of this team, just is great and I want to thank them for everything. It is a lot of fun to drive this thing. "

"Praise to NASCAR again. We were optimistic coming back in to this race. These things are fun to drive. It is back in the driver's hands again. I am going back and start to work out again cause these things are a handful."


Matt Crafton, No. 88 Menards/Quaker State Silverado, Started 9th, Finished 15th:

"We definitely fought a balance issue today. I don't know exactly where it is, what we are missing. We could go decent on sticker tires but once we got a little bit in to a run, most of the laps it would be tight, then all of a sudden it would bust itself loose and be completely driving off the corner sideways. Then you would wait a couple of laps and it would go back tight again. Just depended where we were on the race track. It just wasn't very consistent at all."


A.J. Allmendinger, No. 47 Morgan-Dollar Silverado, Started 35th and Finished 17th:

Note: Allmendinger was a last minute substitute this morning Red Bull supported the effort for Allmendinger who is unable to start the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race on Sunday:

"It was good. If we had a day to work on it, it would have been really good! Thanks to the Morgan-Dollar guys, Jay Frye and Red Bull allowing me to do it. Heck, our radios weren't even working so if we could have talked to each other, we could have been able to help it. For just throwing this together and jumping in it, I think it was only about 12 hours from last night until now; it was a lot of fun.

"You never know if I will be back in it. We are going to go talk to Jay (Frye) some more and see."

Jack Sprague, No. 2 Silverado, Started 30th, Finished 22nd - NOTE: Sprague received damage to the left front fender and valance after being hit on going down pit road by a tire that got away from the crewman of another team

-credit: gm racing