News and Notes:

The Virginia native will be making his 18th NASCAR start at Dover International Speedway this weekend. He has five Nextel Cup, 10 Nationwide and two Craftsman Truck Series starts to his name. He has scored one top-five finish and two top-10 finishes in those two truck starts.

The No. 4 Dodge will be sporting the Lenstoler.Com Dodge paint scheme this weekend. The Spitzer Dodge dealership was the outstanding sales performer selling more Dodge vehicles than all the surrounding dealerships thus winning the prize to sponsor Compton's No. 4 Dodge Ram this weekend at Dover.

Compton will pilot "Timmy" this weekend at the Monster Mile. This chassis used to belong to teammate Dennis Setzer, but was recently given to the No. 4 Dodge Ram stable. This is the first time Compton has piloted this particular chassis.

Former team driver Chad Chaffin scored his first NCTS victory at Dover in 2004 in the No. 18 BHR Dodge. Since 2002 BHR has scored six top-five finishes at the famous one-mile oval.

Dover Compton's Favorite Despite Physical Demands On the Track: "Dover is my all-time favorite race track we race on. Most of us know where we are good at and the track that fits our driving style best. Even though it is known as the Monster Mile, it is that perfect fit for me. I think it is a lot of fun to drive there for several reasons, but it may be the most physically demanding race track we visit based on its configuration. The combination of the fast speeds we turn there along with the extremely steep banking makes you feel like you are lifting 1000 pounds over your head for two solid hours. You actually have to position yourself in the seat holding the weight of your body upright, all while driving around tight corners on high banks at 150 mph. It is excruciating at times. One mistake and you're spinning out of control."

Trainer Keeping Compton and Team in Shape on the Track: "About two months ago we hired a new trainer to help out with our team. Since several of the old pit crew members from BHR did not move with the team we had to fill several positions in that area. The trainer has a made a huge difference in our team. He comes to the race shop every day we are in town. The crew guys do pit stops first thing in the morning around 7:30 and then they run for 30 minutes on a back road near our shop. Each crew member is on a diet plan and weighs in with our team doctor every other week to ensure they are either gaining weight or losing weight according to their health needs. The other day we all went to eat lunch at a local steak house and the trainer went along with us. The waitress brought us those nice buttery rolls to eat and set them on the table. The trainer took one look at them and handed them back to her. He informed her we could not have those. I wish you could have seen that girls face. I think she thought we were at fat camp or something. All jokes aside we have seen a tremendous difference in our pit crew and their performance since adding him to the team."

-credit: bhr