Randy Briggs - No. 53 ProMotion Motorsports Ford - Top Rookie

THIS MUST BE A GOOD START IN THE TRUCK SERIES FOR YOU. "It sure is. We had high hopes going in. We didn't get a chance to get this thing together quick enough to get the media guides and press guides, so it was important to come in here and make a good run so people would stop saying, 'Randy who?'"

DO YOU EVER RECALL SEEING A FINISH LIKE TODAY'S? "No, my truck looks like it just got back from Bristol. We almost made it to the end, but then we got caught up in that last deal in 3 and 4. We were able to come in and put some tires on and finish, but when I got out I didn't realize how bad it was till we finished."

DID YOU SEE THE FINISH? "We were back fighting for position. We had to come in after we got in that wreck and put on tires on both sides, so I was too far back to get a good look at it; we were racing for position where we were at, too."

WHAT DID YOUR FIANCE SAY WHEN YOU PROPOSED?  "She did say yes.  Her name is
Mary Ward.  We are both from Kansas City.  We've been dating for three
years.  It just seemed like the right time.  It's Valentine's Day.  Her
birthday was yesterday.  As everybody here knows we've been down here for
almost a week.  She did say yes and she made it official after I got out of
the truck.  She gave me a hug and said, 'You bet.'"

YOU HAD TO WAIT UNTIL YOU GOT OUT OF THE TRUCK? "She did say yes, but I had to make sure I heard her right on the radio. I was double-checking. I think she wanted to make sure I did say that. We were running around on the pace lap and I thought what the heck. We're at Daytona, we've been dating for three years and she loves this as much as I do. I just keyed the radio and she was on the pit box and I asked her if it would be rude if I asked her to get married at a race track, especially at a place like Daytona. She absolutely said yes."

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