Notes and Quotes

* Scott Lagasse, Jr. will be making his first-career start at Lowe's this weekend.

* Lagasse will be driving the BHR chassis "Angel" this weekend at Charlotte. It will be

"Angels' " 4th start this season. This particular chassis has visited victory lane several times with past BHR drivers Joe Ruttman and Chad Chaffin.

* The Quaker Steak and Lube 200 at Gateway will mark Lagasse's 4th NCTS career start.

Lagasse On Racing at Charlotte: "Once again I head this week to a track I have never raced on. However, I don't consider Lowe's Motor Speedway a place I am not familiar with. I live right down the road from the track and have spent a lot of time there watching test sessions and races. Since they repaved the track last year it is a lot smoother than it use to be. I don't think the average person realizes how fast the track is. I know it is going to be a real thrill to take my first lap around the track on Thursday during testing. Bobby Hamilton Jr. did a test for Goodyear there not to long ago and seemed to learn a lot. I think we are all a little concerned about the tire issue heading into this weekend. You have some very talented drivers wrecking and destroying their equipment. At the tire test Jimmie Johnson had a horrible wreck and I know he knows how to get around that race track. We are going to have to play it smart because we do not have 10 trucks sitting here to use if we wreck. I am pretty confident the harder tires are going to help make our Dodges a little more competitive. It will put things back on the mechanical side a little bit and that is where Bobby Hamilton Racing succeeds. I think we will come out of there with a decent run. If I need any help I have lots of talented drivers around me I can lean on."

ARCA Race at Kentucky: "We had an awesome car this past weekend in the ARCA race at Kentucky Motor Speedway. I qualified fourth and knew we had an awesome car for the race. I am extremely excited with how things went even tough the night did not end the way I would have liked. I battled Stephen Wallace for the lead most of the night. I was comfortable running second for the time being and a caution came out. I went in for a pit stop and came out seventh. On the restart I was riding nose- to-tail with the car in front of me. I knew I could drive through the traffic so I was taking it easy. The guy behind me got a little anxious and took us three wide in the corner. I went to back out of the throttle because I knew we would not make it out of the corner and someone hit me from behind sending me straight into the wall. It was probably the hardest hit I have ever taken. Right after Charlotte I am heading to Ohio to run the next ARCA event. We are hoping this race has a happy ending."