The NASTRUK race at Sears Point will be run March 17th - 19th. Included in thw show are the Winston West NASCAR series and, GET THIS" SCCA Trans-Am. Many of the SCCA and NASCAR pilots will be running together in their NASTRUCK rides. Should be a great show for those who aren't sure what series they like most. The NASTRUK series will get around next year. The schedule look like this: Feb. 5th Phoenix (part of the Copper Classic incl. Super Mods, Midgets, Champ Cars, and SW Tour cars) PIR, Phoenix Az Mar. 19th Sear Point (inc;. Winston West and Trans-Am) Apr. 8th Tuscon Raceway Apr. 15th Saugus Speedway, Saugus/Santa Clara Ca Apr. 22nd Mesa Marin Speedway, Bakersfield Ca May 6th Portland Speedway, Portland Or May 13th Evergreen Speedway, Monroe Wa May 27th I-70 Speedway, Odesa Mo Jun. 3rd Louisville Motor Speedway, Louisville Ky Jun. 24th Bristol Intl Speedway, Bristol Tn Jul. 1st Milwaukee Mile, Milwaukee Wi Jul. 15th Colorado Natl. Speedway, Danco Co Jul. 29th Heartland Park, Topeka Ks Aug. 3rd Indianapolis Raceway Park, Indianapolis In Sep. 2nd Flemington Speedway, Flemmington NJ Sep. 7th Richmond Intl Raceway, Richmond Va Sep. 30th North Wilksboro Speedway, N. Wilkeboro NC Oct. 14th Mesa Marin Speedway, Bakersfield Ca Oct. 27th Phoenix Intl Raceway, Phoenix Az All NASTRUCK races will be combined with another form of racing. As you can see from the schedule they will be running several times in conjunction with the WC cars.

This could turn out to be a very big series especially considering that they will run with other series cars and that the best selling car in America for years had been a pickup truck (Ford F-150 series). CooP