-For the first time in his NASCAR career, Carmichael will do "double duty" this weekend by running in both the NCTWS and NNS races at Texas Motor Speedway. He will make his third career NASCAR Nationwide Series start in the O'Reilly Auto Parts Challenge.

Carmichael talks Texas

"This will be my first time running in two series at a track, so it will definitely be interesting going back and forth some between the truck and a car. I've always enjoyed racing at Texas in the trucks, and even though this will be my first time there in a Nationwide car, I think I'll see a lot of the same type of racing. I love the speeds at the track and the different grooves that you can run. Earlier this year, we had a really strong run but ended up hitting the wall pretty hard -- it was one of those hits that made me happy I wasn't back in moto and I had a safety cage around me! Hopefully we'll have better luck this time around."

-source: tms