JOEY LOGANO , No. 20 GameStop Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing
Finished: 2nd

Did you feel like you had a race-winning car tonight?

"We had a pretty good night. We made a lot of adjustments during the race and we could go from one end to the other. We could turn the center good but had no forward bite or be too tight in the center and have good forward bite. We couldn't really get it right where we wanted to. It seemed like Carl Edwards got it right where he wanted to. That thing was really stout. The whole GameStop crew did great. We had good pit stops which was cool. We gained a lot of spots in the pits, but I lost a lot of spots in the pits with me driving. I learned a little bit there. We'll just have to go] to the next track and work on it there."

Was there ever a point at the end of the race where some clean air would've helped you to be closer to Carl Edwards?

"I had clean air. I just couldn't go anywhere. There were times when he (Carl Edwards) was way faster and there were times that I found a few things that could make me a little bit faster. My fast laps were still a tenth-and-a-half or two-tenths off of his fast lap. When you got it you got it and then they hit it dead on tonight. It was showing there pretty much the whole race. Ever since the beginning he was good and then he got better. It's usually how these races go. Some guys run upfront at the beginning of the race and then everyone gets better and if you don't pick up with them then you start going backwards. We were able to pickup with them, but it just wasn't enough. My car wasn't horrible. It was pretty good. I wouldn't say it's junk but Carl's (Edwards) car was just remarkable."

At what point did you weren't going to be able to pass Carl Edwards for the lead?

"When he was driving away from me. At times I thought we had a really good car. I screwed up coming out of the pits and I tried passing and the car got free and lost a spot there. By the time we got back by all of those cars I was about 15 car lengths back or so and held it for a while and he (Carl Edwards) gradually started pulling away and before I knew it he had a straightaway. I kept digging and I never gave up at it but he had such a big lead even if I was a half-second quicker at the end I was never going to get there. My only hope was a caution and then something happening because even with a caution I don't think we were fast enough to get by anybody. We were a second place car tonight and there's nothing wrong with that. We're shooting for wins, but I guess it's a good points night."

Was the racing on the track as tight as it looked?

"There were times that it was tight and there were times that it opened up a lot. It seemed like in the beginning of the race there was five or six of us running pretty close to each other with pretty much the same times. It's like I said earlier, it's when you start making your pit stops and making your adjustments is when the cream usually rises to the top. Towards the end it opened up a lot. I couldn't see the leader and I couldn't see behind me anywhere so it opened up a ton. But in the restarts, like Jason (Keller) said, it gets big and you've got to do what you've got to do to get spots in the restarts because the momentum is a really big deal."

What happened when you lost time during your pit stops?

"We had a good stop, a real good stop and was going to beat the 60 (Carl Edwards) out of the pits and I stalled it. That's pretty much what happened. I tried not to spin them too much to get some fuller bite going and getting out in front of him and I just let off a little bit too early and the motor crapped out on me."

Was the start of the race weird for you with the power outages around the track?

"That was like old Late Model racing at Senoia, Georgia, where I used to race and it was dark. It was real dark. You about needed headlights on these race cars. It was weird when it went off in that corner and the lights went out but they came back. I'm not sure what was going on because in the beginning of the race the lights on pit road went dead, too. Some kind of issue there."

-credit: toyota motorsports