NASHVILLE, TN., March 30, 2010 -- As the NASCAR Nationwide Series invades Music City this week, a true culmination of music and racing comes together with the release of an Andy Griggs special event song "Drink Champagne." Get a sneak preview of the racing themed song, co-written by Baker Curb Racing Car Chief John Reese, by going to www.andygriggs.com. The song will be available to download on Andy's site and NASCAR.com on April 1st. A free download will be available to the first 100 new Andy Griggs fan club members. "Drink Champagne" is currently being played on the Conman Radio Show aired on 100 stations nationwide or you can hear it online at www.conmanradio.com/ where you can also request it.

"Andy Griggs is a friend of mine and I've always told him that he should come out with a good song about racing," said John Reese. "He asked me to help write the song and it was a very cool experience to see how much effort goes into all the different stages of a song. In racing you don't just show up at the track and race, a lot of hard work goes into preparing the cars and there is a lot of strategy involved. Recording a song is very similar, you just don't put a song down on paper and head to the studio and cut it. Each part of the song lyrics, tempo, dynamics, rhythm gets changed and massaged many times before the finished product. I hope all the racing fans out there rev up for this song by contacting the ConMan at www.conmanradio.com or your local station and requesting it!"

-source: baker curb racing