CJM Racing to Suspend 2010 Racing Plans

Statement from Owners Tony and Bryan Mullet:

"Our vision for life, business and racing is to honor God with the time, talents and resources he has given us. Over the last four years we have been able to extend that vision into racing. We felt racing could be used as a platform to share that vision with millions of people. We have been surrounded by a great group of people that have supported us and developed a successful program.

"As of now, it appears that CJM will not be running the 2010 Nationwide season. It is really hard for us to see this great group of people move in other directions. They have done so much to build this program and beyond that, it has become like a family.

"We have built many great relationships within the industry and we want to thank everyone for showing us support. We are thankful for the time we have had to enjoy this great sport and are focused intently on what the future will bring."

Tony & Bryan Mullet

-credit: cjmr