Nazareth, PA (May 18,2003) -- Stacy Compton was a front-runner again this weekend at the Gould's Pumps 2002 NASCAR Busch Series race in Nazareth, PA. The unique triangular shaped track, which insiders refer to as a "roval" since it combines characteristics of a road course and a conventional oval track, includes 3 distinctively different turns and several elevation changes and is considered a real test of driving talent. Compton showed just how talented a driver he is this weekend, narrowly missing the pole. It took a new track record at the end of the qualifying session by pole-sitter Randy Lajoie to move Compton back to his second place starting spot.

As the race started, Compton carefully positioned himself in third position on the narrow track, and continued to run between 3rd and 5th place until the first round of pit stops. A quick four tire change by the Kingsford/Johnsonville team moved Compton to 4th place where he remained until different pit strategies jumbled the running order through the middle portions of the event. "We had a really strong car all day," commented Compton. "It's really hard to pass here because the racing groove is so narrow. We could run as fast as the leaders most of the day, but when people used different pit strategies, we got caught back in traffic a bit and lost touch with the top three cars we had been running with all day. We finished 8th today but I am confident that we had a top four car."

Steve Plattenberger echoed Compton's thoughts. "We got a little behind in the pits in the latter portion of the race today. I think if we had stayed with the top three cars on our pit stops we would have finished with them today. That's another top 10 finish and we moved up another position in the points today. We've got this ship headed in the right direction now and we just need to keep the momentum going."

The team races at home this weekend in Charlotte, NC, a stop that provides the crew the opportunity to share their weekly experiences with their family members and even with the crew that stays back at the shop. Stated rear tire carrier and road crew member Steve Krohn, "We travel three to four days a week with our jobs. It's fun to let our families see what we actually do while we are away every week. The shop guys work just as hard as the road crew and it gives them the chance to see their car compete live. Everyone takes a lot of pride in running up front every week, but the stakes seem even higher in Charlotte where you are racing in front of the home team fans."