NASCAR Busch North, Grand National Division GMC Trucks 200Km 82 laps / 1.53 mile road course Lime Rock Park, Lakeville CT Oct 15 1994 key: finish position/start position, name, home town, car laps 1./2. Butch Leitzinger, State College PA, Ford TBird, 82 winner's average speed 75.616 2./13.Tom Rosati, Agawam MA, Oldsmobile 82 3./5. Andy Santerre, Cherryfield ME, Chev. 82 4./8. Bobby Dragon, Milton VT, Chev. 82 5./16.Dale Shaw, Center Conway NH, Pontiac, 82 6./22.Martin Truex, Mayetta NJ, Chev, 82 7./7. Mike Stefanik, Coventry RI, Chev, 82 8./31.Stub Fadden & Mike Olsen, Haverhill NH, Buick 82 9./29.Mark Porcaro, Clinton NJ, Chev, 82 10/3 .Curtis Makrham, Frerdicksburg VA, Pont, 82 11/30.Jamie Aube, Ferrisburg VT, Pontiac, 81 12/19.Dale Quarterly, Westfield MA, Chev, 81 13/26.Steve Hoddick, Cheektowaga NY, Ford, 81 14/15.John Preston, Wyalusing PA, Oldsmobile, 81 15/20.Tom Bolles, Ellington CT, Chev, 81 16/10.Jeff Barry, Norwich CT, Chev, 81 17/34.John Swanson, Concord MA, Pont, 80 18/35.Jeff Spraker, Latham NY, Olds, 80 19/17.Dick McCabe, Kennebunk ME, Pontiac, 80 20/28.Anthony Rainone, Swampscott MA, Pontiac, 79 21/36.Bob Brunnell, Peru NY, Pontiac, 78 22/32.Babe Branscombe, Northwood NH, Chev, 78 23/27.Jerry Marquis, Enfield CT, Chev, 77 24/33.Glenn Sullivan, Westbury NY, Chev, 77 25/9. Greg Clark, Old Chatham NY, Chev 71 26/25.R.J. Valentine, Braintree MA, Pont, 54 DNF Electrical 27/23.Ed Feree, Concord NC, Chev, 52 DNF Accident 28/12.Robbie Crouch, Georgia VT, Pontiac, 52 DNF Accident 29/24.Rob Wilson, London England, Chev. 46 DNF Transmission 30/18.Ken Wallace, Dallas PA, Chev, 34 DNF Engine 31/6. Kim Baker, Wilbraham MA, Pont, 34 DNF Valve 32/4. Bob Gada, Niantic CT, Pont, 26 DNF Valve 33/21.Brett Roubinek, Ashley Falls MA, Chev, 15 DNF Oil leak 34/14.Keith Lamell, Essex Junction VT, Buick, 12 DNF Differential 35/11.Scott Deware, Braintree MA, Pont, 3 DNF engine 36/1. Kelly Moore, Scarborough ME, 2, DNF Accident time of race: 1 hr 38 minutes 57 sec. avg speed 75.616 Margin of victory: .97 second Busch Pole Award: Kelly Moore, 55.278 seconds, 99.642 mph Penrose Rookie of the Race: John Preston Flowmaster Star of the Race (most improvment from starting position): Mark Poracro, started 29 finished 9 Jamie Aube, started 30 finished 11 John Swanson, started 34 finished 17 * Fadden/Olsen not eligible because of driver change caution flags: 4 for 20 laps lead changes: 4 among 4 drivers lap leaders: Moore 1, Leitzinger 2-37, Dragon 38-48, Santerre 49-51, Leitzinger 52-82. - end ---