CARL EDWARDS -60-Charter Communications Ford Taurus
Rookie Of The Year Press Conference

"I think to define a successful race is by how well I perform and whether I make mistakes, and I made a pretty big mistake tonight, so I'm a little bit disappointed in my performance. I apologize for not being in the best of moods, and that's just very frustrating. My guys work too hard for me to run into the wall there. I did have a blast there. After a while the line and the groove started turning into a real high line and it was a bunch of fun. I've got to say congratulations to Martin Truex. That's a huge accomplishment. His first two full seasons in the Busch Series and to win two championships; that's awesome."

"Running that Cup car last year was really the first time I drove a stock car, a full size stock car on pavement. Any experience I can get in a stock car is good experience, so running both series has really been a great opportunity for me and I really appreciate the opportunity that Charter has given me. This is a dream come true to get to run all of these races. It's just kind of sad in a way that it's all over. I'd like to go race again next weekend. It's going to be a long winter; I'm ready to go to Daytona again."

"They (Truex) just didn't have the bad days. We missed that one race at Nashville, and just had some bad days. On average, Brad Parrott and I went through the whole season and looked at our finishes - finish for finish - and the ones that got us were those 39ths and 40ths and the finishes where we had wrecks. We will not do that next year; we're going to be really tough to beat next year. We're going to be on our worst days, we're going to be better at making the most of our bad days instead of falling apart on our days when we're running 15th. That's what I think Martin does a great job at. He's always there and he's a true champion."

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