Tim Sauter Heads West
McGill Motorsports Team Ready for California.

After beginning the 2006 NASCAR Busch Series with a top-twenty finish at the season opener at Daytona, Tim Sauter is looking forward to his return to the California Speedway. Sauter finished 7th back in 2002 in only his second start at the fast two-mile speedway located just east of Los Angeles. Tim has been eager to return ever since. The only thing missing this weekend is a name on the quarterpanels as this is one of the 10 races that the McGill Motorsports Monte Carlo SS is not being sponsored by Lester Buildings.

Crew Chief Ricky Pearson and the crew have been busy at the McGill Motorsports shop near Spartanburg, SC, refining the same car that they took to the Las Vegas test earlier this month. "We shook down the car and found some subtle adjustments in the suspension that we feel will improve the handling for Tim. I can't say enough about the effort the team has put in over the last month or so to get these cars ready for the six week stretch to start the season." said Pearson. "Carl Wegner has a really good motor for us this week, and I'm real excited to get this car on the track and see how much we improved the handling since the test. Seeing the improvement is really what I strive for as a leader. From the test to the race at Daytona, we picked up near a half second. If we can get a similar improvement with this car I will be very pleased."

"I had a really good run the last time I raced at California back in 2002." Sauter said. "It might sound funny, but four years later, I can still feel how good that car felt through the corners and onto the back straight. If Ricky can get this car to roll through the corner, and give me that same feeling, I think we can get another good finish for John and Nancy McGill."

Last week's 19th place finish was the highest Daytona finish for McGill Motorsports since they began racing in 2003. John McGill is pleased with the direction the team is headed. "I have to thank Lester Buildings for their support of our team for 25 races, the stability it provides to us is immeasurable. If we could just find a little more support for the remaining races, it would really help as Nancy and I continue to grow this team. When we started this team in 2003 I wasn't really sure of where we were headed. Today I understand how close we are, and we only need a little more sponsor support to get us to the next level."

Ricky Pearson's thoughts on the California Speedway and the Stater Bros. 300: "Daytona was just what we needed to start the year. If we can duplicate or improve that 19th place finish, I think we really have something to build on for the rest of the 2006 season."