Bobby Hamilton, Jr. -25-Team Marines Ford Taurus (Qualified 3rd)

TALK ABOUT THE TRACK CONDITIONS. "It was the same old deal. The track was slick and I pushed off of 4. I don't know if I had anything for the 26; I don't think that anybody did today. The Marines Ford was fast in testing, and we cut us a good lap today. It's the same old deal with Charlotte. If it's hot, it's going to be slick, and if it's cold, it's going to have grip. Now you have to pray for tomorrow that it will be the same type of temperature that we have today. Now we untape and go for the race, and hopefully get another top-five or top-10 out of this deal."

"It's not reason to get frustrated about the whole Richmond thing because it's not like we were running 30th and something simple like that malfunctioned. We were in contention to win the race. I don't know if we could have beat the 57, but bottom line, they knew that the Marines Ford was there. And then New Hampshire, it was more of a determined-type deal. And, Nazareth was another good finish. The whole team right now has been communicating just incredible. It's not just one person or two, it's just the whole deal. We're caught up at the shop for one, so we aren't working the guys to death. Our motor program is super-fast right now. Everything is clicking right now. That's the big reason the past couple of weeks. If we keep the momentum up, it will surely get better, and if not, if we keep this momentum up through the year, try to get a top-five or top-10 in points; that's the main goal."

"After the year that we had last year, I qualified fourth here and ended up 17th or something. Qualifying is one thing, but if you don't race good, as far as the finishes on the race track at the end of the day, that's what everybody here looks at. You don't look at how he's running during the race. That's what he's been on to me about for the last two to three years - becoming a race-car driver. So many of these veterans over there, you can watch their hands in qualifying. They'll qualify 30th and then by halfway, they're leading the race. You're learning how to race. Being with Fred (Wanke) and all of them, it's made my job a lot simpler. It's easier now."