Eddie Wood: "Then all the stars lined up just right ..."

Wood Brothers Racing announced today the team has found a building in Mooresville, and will begin moving out of the team's shop in Stuart, Virginia this coming Monday. The search for a new race shop took several months, but Eddie and Len Wood feel that they have found the right place to start the 2004 season for the #21 Motorcraft Racing Ford Taurus team.

Eddie Wood, co-owner of Wood Brothers Racing said today, "We've found a building. We're going to start moving on Monday into a shop now owned by Robert Yates Racing in Lakeside Park in Mooresville.

"It was the first building we thought of way back in the middle of the summer when we first started talking about moving, but all the parties just never got together until a few days ago.

"Then all the stars lined up just right, everybody got together and from the time we started talking until the papers were signed it was just about 30 hours.

"The really ironic thing is that it is the shop that Ricky (Rudd) had when he had his own race team. When he started driving for Robert, Robert bought it from him, and now Robert is leasing it to us.

"We'll continue to work on our 2004 stuff here, and move our equipment when space becomes available. We really have to thank Robert and Doug Yates for working with us on this because they are still using the building for some chassis work, and will be there until the middle of December. So we will share the space until they can relocate the work they are doing in that building right now.

Driver Ricky Rudd was pleased with the team's choice. "Isn't it funny how things come full circle sometimes. I think it is a great move. I laid out the design of that shop, and we worked out of it not only when I had my own team, but then when I went with Robert we raced out of there too. A lot of good wins came out of that building. Maybe this will turn our luck around.

Rudd continued, "We'll be closer to the Roush organization in the new location. We have needed engineering help, and now we will be able to take advantage of the whole Roush Racing staff of engineers.

"This will also give Wood Brothers Racing an added flexibility to expand when that time comes. They have had good people in Stuart, but the Charlotte area has the biggest pool of racing people in the country, and it will make things easier for Eddie and Len when they get ready to add another team.

"I'm confident this move will really make a big difference for the race team."

Wood Brothers Racing has been located in Stuart, Virginia for 53 years. The business office and the family's famed museum will remain at the current location in Stuart.