BALDWIN ON DOVER - "We had a decent car last week at Dover. We were competitive during all of the practice sessions and we just got caught up in a spin early in the race. We took the air off Jimmy's (Spencer) spoiler and he came around. Everyone was trying to check up, but they tagged us and we spun too. We had little damage and all four tires were flat. We made a steady progression toward the front, but we got a lap down after putting on a set of tires that Ward didn't like. We fought all day trying to get it back, but we fell short of laps.

"We haven't been doing anything different to our cars. We have good cars and we have great motors. Ward and I have met each week and debriefed on the weekend and looked at ways areas we could improve. I think the biggest thing we have changed over the past few weeks has been the communication. We have met with Terry Elledge each week and just have had better lines of communication between all of us."

BALDWIN ON MICHIGAN: "We had great cars last year at Michigan and we produced decent finishes at both races. We had two top-10's and we ran well in both races. That is the momentum that we're carrying into this weekend. Ward likes Michigan and he is one of the better drivers at that racetrack. It suits his driving style perfectly. He likes wide, fast racetracks."

* Bill Davis, car owner of the No. 22 Caterpillar Dodge and the No. 93 Amoco Dodge, has been released from the hospital following a bout with kidney stones. He is recovering at his High Point, NC home.

* The No. 22 Cat team tested at Virginia International Raceway located in Alton, Va., on Tuesday. The road course is in no way similar to Sears Point (CA) Raceway, but it was effective in shaking down the primary and back-up cars for the upcoming road course race. Other teams testing there included: Rusty Wallace, Johnny Benson, Ken Schrader, John Andretti, Mike Wallace and Dave Blaney.

<pre> MICHIGAN SPEEDWAY Year Event ST FIN Earnings Event ST FIN Earnings 2000 Kmart 400 13 6 55,875 Pepsi 400 9 9 49,540 1999 Kmart 400 8 4 56,985 Pepsi 400 1 43 33,090 1998 Miller 400 1 8 44,675 DeVilbiss 400 9 37 24,815 1997 Miller 400 27 35 21,995 DeVilbiss 400 40 28 26,015 1996 Miller 400 34 35 29,490 Goodwrench 400 24 35 28,740 1995 Miller 400 20 18 15,640 Goodwrench 400 15 6 29,590 1994 Miller 400 15 29 8,555 Goodwrench 400 25 29 8,615