HIGH POINT, N.C. - Engine builder Terry Elledge recently signed a three-year contract with Bill Davis Racing. It is the first official contract between the two since Elledge joined Bill Davis Racing at the conclusion of the 1997 NASCAR Winston Cup season. "We knew it was time to get something in writing," said Mike Brown, General Manager of Bill Davis Racing. "He came to our organization with a lot of knowledge and experience in the business. He adds an immense amount of stability to our engine program. "Bill Davis Racing has been building their own motors since 1989. It is very easy to justify building motors in-house when you have someone of Terry's caliber running that program. We have seen the difference in reliability and performance of the motor program since he joined us two years ago. As a matter of fact, we only blew one motor in 1999." Reliability and dependability are two of the main ingredients to a successful motor program on the NASCAR Winston Cup level. Elledge knows his team is capable of producing the best motors in the business. "We have put together a great group of guys in the motor room," said Elledge. "The people behind the doors of the motor room allow us to improve our engine program. Without them, we cannot be successful." "I encourage everybody to have their own ideas," said Elledge. "After gathering everybody's ideas, we sit down and prioritize them. Everybody's ideas may not get used, but at least they feel a part of the equation. It's not about what I can contribute, it's about all of us contributing to the success of the organization. When we're successful in the motor program, the rest of the team is successful."

Elledge recognizes the importance of superior leaders, therefore, he hired Mark Isler to ensure that production stays on target and Brad Thrower to oversee the engine R&D. With the help of Isler and Thrower, Elledge has more "Since Bill Davis Racing has grown to a two-car operation, we must make sure that we're running at maximum efficiency. Last year, we had 14 employees and produced 103 motors between the Busch and Winston Cup programs. For 2000, we'll have 25 people and expect to produce 130-150 motors for both Winston Cup teams and the full-time Busch team. "The motor room's goal for 2000 is to push the absolute best motors in Winston Cup racing out the doors of Bill Davis Racing." Combined with his impressive resume and superior ability to work with people, Elledge and his team have the horsepower to drive Bill Davis Racing to victory lane in 2000.