As many of you are aware, we have acquired the usage of Irvan-Simo Racing and their facility in Mooresville, North Carolina for the 2000 racing season. It is now referred to as Team Gordon. In fact, if you were to call that shop the phone would be answered, "Team Gordon". I guess we're now bi-coastal. The facility in Anaheim is still operational, largely just a skeleton crew, but still operational. We have decided to keep this shop as an off-road base where further development of the Gordon Trophy Truck chassis will continue. Whether or not Robby will race in the Baja 2000 is still to be determined, but the truck is currently being fitted for the Ford powerplant should we make that decision late next year. For now, all efforts, especially Robby's, are currently focused on the NASCAR program and will continue that way into the future.

Around the shop here in Anaheim we have been packing up the necessary equipment to bring to the Mooresville shop, while also finalizing car designs and uniforms. By the end of next week those people that are moving with the team to Charlotte will have worked their last day in Anaheim. Some have already made the move, including Doug Henderson, Mark MacCaull, Ryan Stott and of course, Robby. We understand Robby even cooked dinner for the Carolina crew over the weekend. When was the last time your boss cooked you dinner?

Of the people left here, Rich Gutierrez, Randy Rodriguez, Doug Plitt, Sandra Carboni, myself and Mike Held will all make the move sometime after the new year. On the web front, webmaster Lesley Miller will continue her great job of building and maintaining The only one left on the fence is ex-hospitality coordinator Steve Abrahams. He's deciding whether or not the move east will be a burden to his budding career as a professional Renspeed go-kart driver. We keep telling him he needs to go and give up the pipe dream, 30.5's at Perris just don't stack up to Alex Barron's 28.6's. But nonetheless, he keeps holding Robby hostage, trying to sweeten his deal.

Anyone that isn't named here from the CART team has made the decision not to pursue a life of fenders. There are a lot of reasons for not making a move and you have to respect a person's decision to stay put. I know I'll miss some of those people because they made for some good times and a fun year.

Next note - it was reported on RPM2Night over the weekend that Team Gordon would have a special announcement this Friday. Hmmm. We can't wait to hear about it and we're eager to see who's actually making the announcement because it isn't anyone here. Maybe Santa Claus is giving us an early Christmas present.

As far as sponsorship goes, many people have been asking us who the major sponsor on our car is going to be. Without being facetious, we'd be curious who people thought our major sponsor was on the car last year in CART. The point being, we have a group of sponsors that all add up to a major. Some of the sponsors we currently have are discussing the possibility of taking on that role at an increased level of support, but until we decide on a paint scheme, we won't have an announcement. And as I mentioned earlier, we are working on the car design and hope to have renderings available for the public to see by the beginning of the new year. What I can tell you is the car will most likely carry the same Menards red, orange and yellow color scheme with Team Gordon blue.