STEVE PARK, NO. 1 PENNZOIL CHEVY MONTE CARLO, crashed in morning practice, which resulted in severe damage to the front of the car. Park reported that he ran over debris, which he believed to be the top of a shock from the No. 30 car. This caused the right rear tire to fail, which caused the crash.

JEFF GREEN, NO. 30 AMERICA ONLINE CHEVY MONTE CARLO, opted not to run Happy Hour. "It seems to be real good in the draft and I'm really happy with it."

BOBBY HAMILTON, NO. 55 SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC CHEVY MONTE CARLO, was involved in an incident in morning practice with his Andy Petree teammate MIKE WALLACE, NO. 33 PREEN CHEVY MONTE CARLO: "The 33 was spinning in front of me so I went high. There was a car up there, so to miss him I ducked down low to try to get away from him. The 33 came across the track at that time. I saw him hit the brakes to try to stop. He just clipped the whole side of the car. It was a really hard hit."

ANDY PETREE, TEAM OWNER, NO. 33 AND 55: "That's just the way it goes sometimes. This sport can really beat you down. It's not a very good day for us, but none of the drivers got hurt; that's the main thing. We try to keep all this in perspective. (Compared to) what Jack Roush is fighting today, our problems are pretty minor.

WHAT HAPPENED WITH WALLACE?: "What happened was Mike cut a tire. He had just come out of the pits and he was running in front of that group, the big group that was out there and evidently ran over a piece of debris. I think there was something on the track, because I think the (No.) 1 car ran over something earlier too. I guess we ran over it and it blew the left rear tire out and when it did it just went around, hit the wall and unfortunately the whole group was coming. I really feel lucky that Mike didn't get hurt because he spun in front of a whole bunch of people. Unfortunately it was Bobby that hit him. Everybody is OK, we've got the backup cars out, we'll race Sunday, and hopefully be safer than the practice session was."

Both the 33 and the 55 teams will run backup cars.