According to recent reports in the German press, Europe's top carmaker Volkswagen was considering linking up with the Jordan Grand Prix team. The weekly Focus Money magazine reported in their Thursday edition that the Germany company's chairman Bernd Pischetsrieder had already held talks with the Silverstone-based outfit.

Jordan's overall standing in the 2001 championship season is still up in the air as the Silverstone based team await the verdict of an appeal to the FIA over the disqualification of Jarno Trulli from the American Grand Prix back in late September. At this stage they sit in sixth place and on equal points with their rivals at Honda, BAR. Meanwhile, Honda have confirmed that although they only plan to supply one of the two outfits in the future, both teams will run Honda power in 2002. The fact that one outfit will miss out eventually, has lent credence to the Volkswagen rumours, however a spokesperson for the team has denied the reports, classing them as pure speculation.

But the Jordan Grand Prix team has denied any link to a possible deal with Volkswagen for a supply of engines in the next few years. Helen Temple, spokesperson for the Silverstone-based team was quoted as saying on the matter: "It is pure speculation based on nothing."

Speculation on this subject has been heightened recently as the new Volkswagen Chairman, Bernd Pischetsrieder, is a fan of the sport of formula1 and was instrumental in bringing BMW back into the sport in his previous professional role.

However, other senior Volkswagen members have dismissed such reports by claiming that the costs are too high to consider at the moment. "Such a thing can cost many the moment I really do not see it," said Klaus Volkert, a member of the supervisory board.

"Mr. Pischetsrieder enjoys going fishing. Nobody is suggesting that we launch into the fish breeding industry," he continued. None the less, Honda, who currently supply BAR and Jordan, have not made any commitments past the 2002 season and it is possible that one team may lose the Japanese engines for 2003.

"In 2002, we will continue to supply Jordan and BAR, but for 2003, nothing is decided," declared Yasuhiro Wada, one of Honda's senior managers at the Japanese Grand Prix.