Martinsville VA---Race fans donated more than 1,200 toys and $2,400 on Saturday at Martinsville Speedway to be distributed to Martinsville and Henry County children. The toy drive was part of Martinsville Speedway's Souvenir Day that included 15 Winston Cup Souvenir trailers selling items, two Allison Legacy Series races and the toy drive. Martinsville Speedway President Clay Campbell said the quality of this year 's toys was outstanding. Included in the 1,200 toys were six bicycles, big wheels and a Nintendo 64. "It's great that the community came out so strongly for the children of Martinsville and Henry County," Campbell said. "The Henry County Baptist Association and the Allison Legacy Series helped with this project and made it a success." The Henry County Baptist Association turned the toys over to the area Salvation Army on Saturday afternoon to be distributed to Martinsville and Henry County children at Christmas. "I think it was a big success not only for the children we were able to help, but it also was great for the volunteers who sorted toys, sold concessions and everything else. I think it was a great day," said Becky McKinney with the Henry County Baptist Association. Bob Saville of Albemarle NC won the Allison Legacy Series Charity race, but the highlight of the racing day was Chris Williams of Rich Acres, VA winning the Allison Legacy rookie race. The winner of the feature race parked his car on the start finish line after his win, but Williams drove straight to victory lane. "I knew sooner or later I'd be here whether it was in a bicycle, tricycle or something," said Williams who grew up within sight of the track on Speedway Road. Williams and Campbell used to race go-karts and even bicycles at the track when they were kids. "One day of my life I was going to be in Martinsville Speedway's victory lane," he said. "It felt good. I told Clay (Campbell), who was spotting for me, before I actually got to the checkered flag I was going to victory lane. One time I was going to sit there when I wasn't playing. With all the souvenir trailers and people here to see me do it, it was great for me. From a hundred feet up the road to here, it's great." Williams, trackside manager for Action Performance Co., travels the NASCAR Winston Cup Circuit managing souvenir sales for the company. Kenny Allison, of the Allison Legacy Series, said competitors enjoy taking part in the charity event. "I think it's great what Martinsville Speedway does here in this community with the toy drive. When I got the opportunity to get involved my whole family got on board and tried to help Clay increase the number of toys," Allison said. "That's what it cost our competitors to come up here and run. It was one unwrapped toy. The competitors have donated things as large as bicycles and we have a great bunch of competitors." Mary Ann Boyer came from Blairsville, PA with her family which races in the series. She decided to compete in the rookie race and finished fifth. She said they came mostly for the toy drive. "I had a whole box full of toys and we made a trip of it," said Boyer. "We' ve had a great time and the children have made out well. It was worth the trip." The Allison Legacy Series held their annual Awards Banquet on Saturday night at the National Guard Armory in Martinsville. Regean Smith of Mooresville, NC is the national champion.