Phoenix II: Biffle - Friday media visit

GREG BIFFLE - No. 16 3M Ford Fusion WHAT'S THE MOST DIFFICULT ASPECT OF RACING HERE? "Probably the difference in the corners. It's like two different race tracks, almost and it kind of makes it challenging but fun. Turn one and two are ...

GREG BIFFLE - No. 16 3M Ford Fusion

WHAT'S THE MOST DIFFICULT ASPECT OF RACING HERE? "Probably the difference in the corners. It's like two different race tracks, almost and it kind of makes it challenging but fun. Turn one and two are completely different than three and four. One and two is like more of a short track corner and then three and four seems like it's a lot more larger and faster because it's a little bit wider and sweeps. That's probably the most challenging thing."

WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO GO FAST HERE? "It takes a car that turns really well and you can get the balance between the two ends right. That's the main thing."

WHAT'S THE VISIBILITY LIKE? "It's terrible. It's the worst race track we go to for visibility because the sun goes down right over the top. There's a hole between the grandstands and however it works out, it seems that the sun is in your eyes for the longest period of time. That makes it really difficult to get your braking zone and get side-by-side. It's really, really hard."

DO YOU LIKE RACING HERE? "Oh yeah, I love it just because I grew up in the northwest and I've raced here a few times in the southwest tour. It's a fun race track."

WHO DO YOU THINK WILL WIN THE TITLE? "I think Jimmie can do it. I think that Kevin can do it and I think Denny can do it. It's whoever makes the least amount of mistakes these next two races. The least amount of mistakes on pit road, racing room on the race track with other drivers, whatever it comes down to - pit decisions - it's gonna come down to obviously the best finish, but a lot of times it's minimizing spots on the race track."

EVERYBODY IS LOOKING AT THE TOP 3 BUT 4-10 IS TIGHT AS WELL. HOW CLOSE ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION TO IT? "Fourth through tenth we're paying attention to because that's where we're racing for our spot in the points. It's clear they're paying attention to the top three because we led 234 laps last week and they didn't even interview us, so it's obvious they're paying attention to the top three, which they should - that's the championship - but if we would have won we would be fifth in points right now. We were clearly on our way to winning that race. There was no doubt and then the shifter broke and all I had was third and fourth gear. That was unfortunate, but we still finished fifth with the problems that we had, which is really good, but to think I was 10th or 11th or 12th in points, and if I would have won last week we'd be fifth, that's a huge difference, so I do pay attention to how tight the points are because we are that close."

WHAT ABOUT AMONG THE ROUSH FENWAY TEAMS? "We're really tight as well and probably the one thing that I saw that surprised me the most is it's like the top three and then the rest of the field. I'm surprised to see that it's not kind of staggered out a little bit. It's the top three within 50 points and then fourth through whatever is almost 50 points, so it's kind of odd that there's that big of a separation and everybody is still so tight."

WHAT DO YOU MAKE OF THE BRAVADO FROM THE 11 TEAM? "I don't know. I look at last week, if you want to take last week, we were better than all of them. We kicked the 11's butt. We kicked the 48's butt. All day long nobody could even challenge us until the shifter broke and then they challenged us because, obviously, I didn't have all my gears to get up to speed. Now, can we do that every week? That's a different story, but you've got to play some games with them and I guess that's why I say that because last week was last week and we spanked them the entire race. But that's only one week and you've got to do it for 36 to win a championship and get spots in the points and get talked about. But if I was in that position I'd be doing the same thing and it's self-confidence as well. 'We're better than the 48. We're gonna beat them.' Those kind of things, that's confidence."

HOW MUCH DO MIND GAMES PLAY A ROLE IN THIS SPORT? "You can only do so much, but you can get under somebody's skin a little bit, I guess. I don't really pay attention to it. I worry about my car and how fast my car is gonna go today and qualifying good so we get a good pit spot and we'll let them talk about whatever they want."

-source: ford racing

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