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NASCARFans E-Mail List Thanks to all who responded with bonus/incentive information. I will attempt to pull everything together and get something out to you all within a few days or so. Anyone know where I can find out the official...

NASCARFans E-Mail List

Thanks to all who responded with bonus/incentive information. I will attempt to pull everything together and get something out to you all within a few days or so.

Anyone know where I can find out the official "rules" for pit road during a Winston Cup race? I know the pit road speed is set for each track individually.

All help appreciated.

Send info to ========== Here's a brief report on Jayski's weekend at Talladega:

"What a wild and up and down weekend. Billy Standridge is one great guy. After missing first round qualifying he was the fastest on the second day and the tension was unreal. The crowd in the media room really let out a cheer when the speed of Billy's lap was announced. Folks at Talladega really seem to like Billy. It was hard to believe that Billy's small team with one car was able to knock out 3 big named sponsored teams and his old #78 team. Billy is also looking for additional sponsors to run in the future or a ride with an established team. while he finished 43rd, he was up as high as 9th before his spin and broken oil line put him out of the race. It was pretty cool seeing the car listed as the #47 Jayski's Ford on the Official NASCAR practice, qualifying and starting line-up. Even NASCAR Online listed is as the Jayski Ford, but never really explained what the heck a Jayski is." ========== CBS' Dick Berggren had a little story about the man who built a few of the Ford Superspeedway cars (Sheetmetal) for teams like Yates, Roush, Yarborough and Travis Carter. His name is Bob Nooley(sp?), and Roush has hired him away for 1998 (Jayski) ========== Jayski heard SABCO fired two members of the #40 crew, no idea who or why. ========== Jayski also heard Mark Reno will not remain with Robert Yates Racing after the 1997 season. ========== Cofab Steel came aboard the #47 Jayski Ford driven and owned by Billy Standridge as a sponsor on Friday. They make the metal seats and supports for many of the speedways (Jayski) ========== .The #21 Citgo Taurus did test on Monday at Talladega and Michael Waltrip said the car was good and the Woods bros were happy with the results and will test there on Tuesday also. 6 Chevy teams also did some testing of the SB2 engine. That explains the second #5 Kelloggs chevy I saw in the garage Sunday after the race. Mike Dillion tested the #3 and Andy Hillenberg tested the #5 as Terry Labonte had to leave to attend the funeral of a grandparent(RPM2Nite), I was also able to sneak a peak of the #21 Citgo Taurus Saturday as a crew member was showing the car to someone and I happened to be walking by, it was inside a Woods Bros Go-Kart trailer (Jayski) ========== Terry Shirley assumed the crew chief role of the #46 First Union SABCO Chevy driven by Wally Dallenbach last week, he is Dave Marcis' former crew chief(CBS/Jayski) ========== Jayski's sources continue to tell him that Rick Hendrick will have a 4th team with Jack Sprague in the #25 Quaker State Chevy. ========== Sources at the track told Jayski that the 3 rear deck lids confiscated from the #23, #28 and #99 cars before first-round qualifying were somehow welded together and the lip where the spoiler is placed were a tad lower than rules allow, which allowed the spoiler to ride a bit lower in the airflow. (Jayski) ========== The #98 RCA Ford had a rear-end housing confiscated by NASCAR Friday morning but Jay was not able to track down why, all Jay could find out was that it was illegal, but never saw the track. By the way, all these parts NASCAR takes, they keep and do not return them to the teams. Note from Mike: They did a feature on this on NASCAR Today (I think) a few years back. They've got a warehouse full of stuff that's been confiscated over the years. ========== Rusty Wallace will drive a #2 Lite Ford in the BGN California Race this weekend, the car came from the Roush stable and used to be a #60 Winn Dixie car(RPM2Nite)/Jayski ========== The Quaker Oats Company, makers of Gatorade, announced this weekend a promotion with their Instant Grits and the Daytona 500. Consumers who buy Quaker Instant Grits will have the opportunity to mail in UPC proof of purchase seals to claim a limited edition die cast collectible for the 40th annual Daytona 500. The promotion will start in late October.(NASCAR Online)/Jayski ========== Mike Irwin ( NASCAR Fans _______________________________________

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