NASCARFans E-Mail Newsletter ===== In another NASCAR-related mailing list, I read where someone was complaining about no one giving them the number of days left until Daytona. We aim to please here at NASCARFans, so:

59 days and counting 'til the Bud Shootout 66 days and counting 'til the Daytona 500

I'll try to include this in ALL the posts from now until February, just to drive you crazy. ===== One of our readers sent me this. I quote:

"HI Mike. I work with several of the (Winston) Cup teams, who have told me that the new heads for GM will not be ready by Daytona. Seems the first run of legal heads had casting problems & they are just getting heads that they can use, but they still have to machine & test." (Thanks to "you know who you are")

I dunno, this may or may not be a problem. Indications are that the Ford teams will be ironing out problems with the Taurus body, so it may be an advantage to the GM teams to be using the same head they're used to. We'll see in February, eh? ===== Birthdays for December

1 David Evans 2 Victoria Trickle 3 Bobby Allison 4 Barry Swift, Evelyn Andrews 5 Jim Paschal, Bryan Griffin 7 Richmond Gage, Frank Edwards, Mike Byrd 8 Kerry Dale Earnhardt, Zachary Jarrett, Mike Bell, Lou Linebarrier, Caleb Michael Irwin (happy birthday, son) 9 Brad Teague, Mickey Meredith 11 J. C. Danielson 12 Jim Walser 13 Jim Vandiver, Jarett Andretti 14 Steve Hmiel, Gary Wagoner, David Garber, Hershel McGriff 16 Richie Barse, Dick Beaty 17 Mike Beam, Matthew Clyde Martin, Montgomery Lee Petty 18 Vic Irvan, Tom Polansky, Ted Musgrave 19 Wes Mills 20 Taylor Nicole Earnhardt, Christopher Wilson, Graeme Bartels, Kinsley Parsons 21 Dennis Borem 22 David Pearson 23 Joe Thurman 24 Robbie Etters, Krista Marie Allison, Brad Thrower 25 Jim Klem, Starr Elliott 26 Robert Sprague, Robert Barban 27 John Schweikl 28 Brittany Wallace, Tim Shane, Joyce Kearns, Lee Swartz 29 Waddell Wilson, Bob Pressley, Ray Kelly 30 Fred Lorenzen, Bob Bilby 31 Barney Boyd, Dorothy Schrader, Riley Diane Craven

Birthdays taken from Winston Cup Scene, 11/27 edition ===== Not much else going on, although I heard the Kansas City 1.5 mile superspeedway deal was signed . Haven't seen it anywhere other than an e-mail list. PLEASE don't bombard me with e-mails about it. Thanks! ===== Mike Irwin (mailto:Mike@NASCARFans.Com) NASCARFans _______________________________________

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