Award-winning THINK MEDIA takes viewers on the ultimate racing journey.

"You live, breathe, eat, sleep, play...everything you do revolves around the race car." --Kyle Petty

"We're searching for speed."--Crew Chief Bobby Kennedy

New York (November 21, 1997) --With only 60 days until the green flag, the race is on for Kyle Petty and his new team to transform a steel frame into the Hot Wheels #44 racing machine. A new video from THINK MEDIA shows what it takes to build a car and team worthy of the Daytona 500. This journey from workshop to race track reveals the human and technological dimensions behind the team's all- consuming search for speed. Theirs is a quest to find the elusive hundredth of a second that will mean the difference between qualifying for the big race or packing up and going home.

THE RACE TO DAYTONA gives fans of America's number one spectator sport and viewers new to the world of stock car racing a chance to see first-hand how the driver and crew work together to construct, test and fine-tune the race car. It shows how the veteran builders, engineers and computer technicians evolve as a team alongside the car as they progress from the workshops in North Carolina to the test runs at Talladega and the races at the Daytona International Speedway. The team shares its complete commit- ment with the three co-owners: driver Kyle Petty (the third generation of Petty racing champions), his father "King" Richard Petty (winner of seven Daytona 500 races) and veteran engine builder David Evans.

Reflecting on the compelling nature of racing, driver Kyle Petty explains: "It's not the kind of sport that you're a casual acquaintance with--whether you're a fan or whether you're a driver. You live, breathe, eat, sleep, play...everything you do revolves around the race car." But, as the story of Kyle Petty and his team illustrates, the determination and commitment are supported by an equally strong presence of faith and family.

THE RACE TO DAYTONA includes historical footage, clips from Petty family home movies, and an original sound track by Hayes Greenfield. Archival footage reveals just how far today's computerized, high-tech stock car racing has come from the early days of dirt tracks and single lap belts.


THE RACE TO DAYTONA is a story about human and technological enterprise, of a new team coming together and striving toward the same goal--to build, qualify and race a car in the Daytona 500.

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Mattel Inc. will be packaging the THE RACE TO DAYTONA video with the 1997 Edition Hot Wheels® Pro RacingTM stock car replica of the #44 Pontiac Grand Prix. Mattel, Inc. is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of children's toys. With headquarters in El Segundo, Calif., Mattel sells its products in more than 140 nations throughout the world.

THE RACE TO DAYTONA is a THINK MEDIA production created by Robert E. Frye and William K. Love, award-winning producers of children's, special interest and documentary videos. The hour-long video will be available in select video, book and hobby stores or by calling 800-655-1998. For a limited time, the video will be packaged with the Hot Wheels die-cast replica. Also available from THINK MEDIA is the award-winning 30-minute video, HOW A CAR IS BUILT, a fascinating trek down the Ford Mustang assembly line.