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Carfax, MIS extend carbon offset program for 'Show Me the CARFAX' Race Weekend Ongoing partnership helps neutralize carbon emissions, benefits national wildlife refuge BROOKLYN, Mich. (Aug. 14, 2010) --Carfax and Michigan International Speedway...

Carfax, MIS extend carbon offset program for 'Show Me the CARFAX' Race Weekend
Ongoing partnership helps neutralize carbon emissions, benefits national wildlife refuge

BROOKLYN, Mich. (Aug. 14, 2010) --Carfax and Michigan International Speedway are teaming up for the second straight year to help neutralize the carbon dioxide emissions resulting from travel, energy and auto use during this weekend's "Show Me the CARFAX" Race Weekend at MIS.

This precedent-setting initiative is the result of a partnership between Carfax, MIS and The Conservation Fund to help curb climate change and restore habitat for wildlife.

Carfax and MIS are working with The Conservation Fund's Go Zero® program to zero out the CO2 emissions that result from the facility's energy use during the race weekend and fuel used by fans traveling to and from the festivities. The effort will also cover the emissions from the race cars during both NASCAR events at MIS -- the CARFAX 400 Sprint Cup Series race on Sunday and CARFAX 250 Nationwide Series race on Saturday, and qualifying and practice sessions on Friday and Saturday.

"This is a great step toward curbing the effects of climate change, and at the same time, doing something positive for the environment," said Larry Gamache, communications director at Carfax. "There are many simple ways to make a difference -- it's so easy to get started. We're fortunate to have active partners like MIS and The Conservation Fund help us carry out this effort for the 'Show Me the CARFAX' Race Weekend and do something good for the planet."

Nearly 4,000 trees will be planted at Lake Ophelia National Wildlife Refuge in east central Louisiana as part of Carfax and Michigan International Speedway's efforts. In addition to cleaning the air, the trees will provide shelter for wildlife and create new areas for public recreation, including hunting and wildlife viewing.

This marks the fourth straight year Carfax and MIS have neutralized the activities of its NASCAR programs at MIS. The company's past efforts included the 2007 and 2008 CARFAX 250 races, and the emissions from a Sprint Cup car it sponsored in Michigan in 2008. The companies focused efforts on the entire weekend in 2009, an industry-leading initiative.

"Carfax has our shared concern for environmental issues and that's exactly what makes ours a perfect partnership," Michigan International Speedway President Roger Curtis said. "At MIS, our efforts continue to focus on reducing the immediate impacts from our operations and events through broad-based recycling efforts, partnerships with local governments and agencies to identify more efficient means of operation, pursuing renewable power sources and through conservation efforts. Our efforts make a meaningful connection to our fans who all love and appreciate the outdoors and truly think of MIS as 'NASCAR in a national park.'"

Carfax, MIS and The Conservation Fund received a Communitas Award for their ongoing efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of the "Show Me the CARFAX" Race Weekend. The Communitas Awards is an international effort to recognize exceptional businesses, organizations and individuals dedicated to corporate social responsibility and community service.

MIS is committed to environmental management practices which will provide a healthy and sustainable environment and enhance the lives of its guests and employees. MIS was the first sports facility in Michigan to join the Michigan Business Pollution Prevention Partnership (MBP3). It is a member of the federal program, EPA WasteWise, with recycling programs totaling more than 2 million tons in 2009 alone. MIS is also pioneering utility reduction programs, wetland remediation and restoration programs, and alternative energy programs. The racetrack also installed solar panels on its pit road suites and media center building, which opened in June.

The speedway has teamed up with Coca-Cola Recycling for the past three years, creating a successful beverage container recycling program. During the June race, 4,219 pounds of glass, plastic and aluminum were recycled, a 50 percent increase over 2009.

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