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MARK MARTIN - No. 6 Viagra Taurus (Finished 15th) - "I'm just as sorry as sorry can be for running into Elliott. It was just an accident. That's all we had today. The guys did an awesome job and that's all I could do. I'm proud of our team.

MARK MARTIN - No. 6 Viagra Taurus (Finished 15th) - "I'm just as sorry as sorry can be for running into Elliott. It was just an accident. That's all we had today. The guys did an awesome job and that's all I could do. I'm proud of our team. They were awesome on pit road. We ran a smart race and we got 15th. That's better than we could have done, so we'll keep on marching."

WHAT HAPPENED WITH ELLIOTT? "They were banging off each other down the backstretch and then going into three my car had been pretty good going into the corners and he got out of it early. That caught me off guard and I slammed the brakes on. I just hate it. They know I wouldn't race anything like that. I ran square into the back of him. It wasn't even like I was trying to pass him. It just caught me off guard and I really hate it for those guys. They didn't deserve that, and I feel bad about it."

GREG BIFFLE - No. 16 Post-It/National Guard/Subway Taurus (Finished 5th) - WHAT DID YOU AND KYLE TALK ABOUT AFTER THE RACE? "He just came down and asked if we were OK and I said, 'Yeah.' I'm just trying to get position. He was mirror driving me a little bit, which is what you have to do to keep your position. I got inside of him there and he kind of ran a little bit lower on the track than he had been and pinched me down a little bit, but you've got to run low down the straightaway coming off the corner there. We almost got turned around, but he was just trying to protect his position and we're trying to get it from him. It's just good, hard racing."

IS THIS WHAT'S INDICATIVE OF A CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM? "Yeah, this is it right here. I tell you what, I really need to give thanks to my teammate, Kurt Busch. He gave me some pointers about this race track and helped me out some. Congratulations to Tony Stewart and those guys. They're on a tear right now. This is Tony's kind of race track. I know what it feels like to win a bunch of races in a row and congratulations to those guys."

KURT BUSCH - No. 97 IRWIN/Sharpie Taurus (Finished 2nd) - "We brought the same piece back and our crew worked just as hard. I'm real proud of my Irwin Industrial Tools Team Ford. We got stuck in the back a couple of times and had to battle back. I was just a little too tight, but Stewart was good today. He's been on a roll, so we'll give it to him."

YOU SPUN EARLY AND HAD TO COME THROUGH THE FIELD. "It's a good car. Jimmy Fennig and the crew give me great equipment to drive. I'm real proud of this effort. It's a race leading up to the chase. We have to go and we need consistent finishes, so I'm happy. We'll go with this one and congratulations to Tony."

ROBBIE REISER, Crew Chief - No. 17 DeWalt Taurus (Kenseth finished 10th) "Today is all about the pit crew and the driver, it had nothing to do with the way the car handled because the car handled terribly. We probably had a 35th-place car at best and Matt did a great job driving it. These guys did an awesome job over the wall. They were gaining five spots a stop and that's what it takes when you've got a car like ours. To have a day like we had today - to get a top 10 out of this was all about this race team."

CAN YOU SEE SOME LIGHT IN THE CHASE TUNNEL? "There's no question we're putting it on. We're trying to get in. There isn't a guy on this team that doesn't want to be in this thing, so we're fighting like crazy to get in. We've got to keep finishing top 10 every week. That's the only way we're gonna make it. We've got seven to go and I think we're closing the gap, so that's what we've got to do."

RICKY RUDD - No. 21 Motorcraft Genuine Parts Taurus (Finished 23rd) - "We just missed the setup. We're gonna have to go test these flat tracks now because we've just gotten behind on them. The car wasn't good in practice. It was 16th or 17th in practice, but I never was happy with the way it was driving. It wasn't sticking like we needed it to in the corner, and that's one reason why I said to Fatback that we needed to change the car. They went to work on it and they changed it around before qualifying and it ran good for qualifying, but the more I'd run the tighter it would get. You can't have a tight race car here."

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