Keyed-Up Motorsports In The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Names Doug Richert Crew Chief
NASCAR veteran Richert to continue building the No. 90 Chevy Impala team with high caliber crew members.

Mooresville, NC (January 6, 2010) - Keyed-Up Motorsports, the new NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team founded by successful Virginia businessman Raymond Key and making its debut in the 2010 Daytona 500, announced today it has named Doug Richert as the No. 90 team's crew chief.

Richert, a California native and NASCAR veteran, is a former championship crew chief in the Cup Series and has worked with many top drivers in his successful career. Richert's NASCAR resume includes crew chief for Dale Earnhardt's first Cup championship and crew chief for 10 of Greg Biffle's Cup wins.

"Keyed-Up Motorsports is very thankful to have Doug guiding our No. 90 team." said Raymond Key. "As a past champion crew chief, Doug can definitely get the job done and fulfill our first-year goal of being competitive on the track. All of us at Keyed-Up Motorsports look forward to working closely with Doug."

Richert's first priorities at Keyed-Up Motorsports will be leading the team's search for high-quality crew members and overseeing the finishing touches on the team's Daytona cars at its Mooresville race shop.

"I'm very excited about this opportunity that Raymond has given me with the Keyed-Up Motorsports No. 90 team." said Richert. "I want to continue building this team with high caliber crew members that have the same vision for the team that Raymond does. And although a challenging endeavor, I believe that the Keyed-Up No. 90 car can be competitive on the track."

-source: keyedupmotorsports