[Motorsport.com received this letter from Kenny and Reva Irwin on December 22, 2000 announcing the Kenny Irwin Jr. Memorial Fund. They have requested it be put online to make people aware of the foundation. This worthwhile foundation was created to honor and continue Kenny's generosity to under-priviledged children.]


<center></center> Dear Kenny Irwin Jr. Fan:

Once again, we would like to thank everyone who has been so kind and helpful to us following the loss of our son. In the past several months, we have been searching for the best way to honor Kenny's life and his memory. We have been so blessed to hear from so many people that Kenny was able to touch during his life and we want to provide a way to continue his legacy.

Kenny would have been honored to see the outpouring of love and compassion that we have seen and we want to pass that spirit along to others in his memory. As parents we are very proud of what our son was doing and would like to continue to assist those causes important to him. In doing so, we have established the Kenny Irwin Jr. Memorial Fund.

Kenny always realized how blessed he was and never lost sight of those less fortunate. He loved being around children and his true desire was to help children that did not have the advantages that life had given him. Through his racing career, he was able to make a difference in many peoples lives. He visited children's hospitals from early in his career and he made a point of visiting kids classrooms in many cities where he raced. He also made financial contributions to a variety of programs across the United States so that he could give back some of the good that came his way.

The Kenny Irwin Jr. Memorial Fund will continue Kenny's vision in his generosity to under-priviledged children. Through a partnership with the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, we plan to build a foundation that will help children for many years to come.

Donations can be made directly to the:

Kenny Irwin Jr. Memorial Fund
5338 Victory Dr. Building B
Indianapolis, Indiana 46203

We would love hearing from you. Thank you for assisting us in keeping our son's memory alive.



<strong>5338 Victory Drive     Building B     Indianapolis, Indiana 46203
317-786-2660     Fax 317-786-3008</strong>