Wolfe named crew chief for Butch Mock

MOORESVILLE, N.C. (Dec. 15, 1998) Jon Wolfe, assistant crew chief for Joe Gibbs Racing since 1991, has been named crew chief for Butch Mock Motorsports and the No. 75 Remington Arms Ford NASCAR Winston Cup team, it was announced Tuesday. Team owner Butch Mock has been overseeing the position since Dave Charpentier's release in October. A great deal of effort was put in by Mock to find just the right person to hire as crew chief for the team. "As a car owner, I need to surround myself with the best quality of team members that I possibly can," Mock said. "We interviewed several people and researched this extensively before we selected Jon. He has a tremendous amount of experience and comes from a winning background. He brings maturity and expertise to our at-the-track race-day calls." Mock feels that both Wolf and driver Ted Musgrave are dedicated and motivated individuals who he hopes will form the team chemistry needed to make the No. 75 team a winner in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series. "I feel that Ted and Jon working together will be an awesome combination," Mock said. "Ted consistently runs well. Jon has been with teams that have consistently run well throughout his career. I look for us to have consistency here." Wolfe says that Mock's background and dedication toward his team are what brought him to his decision to accept the crew chief position at Butch Mock Motorsports. "I am real excited about joining Butch Mock," he said. "Butch has been around Winston Cup racing for quite a while. Butch knows racing, he is a racer. I am a racer, that is all I have ever done. Ted is a racer, so I feel like we all are from the same background. I think we can mesh together." Musgrave said he feels the team now has the final key piece to place the team right on target in their hunt for a great season in 1999. "Jon is exactly what we needed here at Butch Mock Motorsports," Musgrave said. "We needed a crew chief with good direction, good attitude and an established background. We have found all those qualities in Jon. This is one of the best groups of people that Butch has ever had. "We have really good people here. We now need to put the package together and work together, and we are going to come out strong in Daytona (in February). With the package we have got, I have never felt more confident about winning races in Winston Cup than I do right now." Wolfe echoes Mock's and Musgrave's enthusiasm regarding the upcoming season. "Butch has a team that has what it takes to win races and run well. The team will have Yates' engines next year, which will be a big plus to our organization."

Source: NASCAR Online