I looked up the word _wickedfast_ in my Webster's this morning, and it showed a picture of an old guy with a band-aid on his nose (G). Geoff Bodine must have the best pair of lungs in the garage, cause he had to hold his breath that entire lap. This was Geoff's second pole of the season, and he's eligible for the Unocal money of $45,600. I _think_ this is also the fastest pole speed at a Cup event in 10 years (the advent of the plates).

The Winston Leader Bonus is worth $70K this week. Course, there are a bunch of guys (outside of the Top-3) who are pulling for somebody else to win.....that way the money is split amongst the Top-10 next month in New York.

Mark Martin claimed the $40K from Busch Beer today for the most poles this season. He finished in a tie with Dale Jarrett & Bobby Labonte with 3 poles, but Mark had 3 outside poles (compared to 2 each for Bobby & DJ) to take the top prize.

STREAKIN....Dale Jarrett has 26 Top-10 Starts in 32 races.

With a healthy car-count this week (50), we had 7 DNQ's. Of the seven, four had no provisionals available. If you were lower than 22nd in Owner Points, you went home early. Of the new faces this week, Buckshot Jones qualifies for his first-ever WC start.

Buckshot's paint job (Aquafresh) is pretty sharp....wish we could say the same for Jimmy Spencer's (G).

Well, it's taken us 32 races....$70 Million in prize money....and we're down to the final shootout. We've got 3 hard racers, 3 class acts, 3 drivers who deserve to be the Champion. When the dust settles tomorrow afternoon, we'll have 1 Winner & 2 Non-Winners (there are no losers in this bunch). No matter who takes the crown, it's been a memorable season for all 3 men. This race may seem like it's taken 5 days to run for this trio, but when one driver gets to stand on that stage at the Waldorf, that time is too precious to put a number on.

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