BRIAN VICKERS, No. 25 GMAC Monte Carlo SS:

"We pulled in early off the track because of the rain. We don't want to the chance of tearing up a good race car. The GMAC Chevy has been decent since we unloaded on Friday. Our qualifying run wasn't that great, but I don't know why because it drove well. The guys have done a good job getting this car ready. We made small changes between practices, nothing major. I'm looking forward to getting a good run on Sunday, we could use it."


TONY RAINES, No. 96 DLP® HDTV Monte Carlo SS:

Q. It seems as the car was really starting to turn around for you. What improvements did you make based on what you learned from the first practice? "Well, we've been working on the car a ton. We've been changing springs, shocks, A-frames - pretty much everything that you can change. I think we're headed in a good direction. We're going to make some more changes, obviously, before the start of the race Sunday and we'll just see. Hopefully we can talk to some of the other Gibbs cars and see if they can help us out some. We're just struggling a little bit from the center out. It just won't drive right. I guess that's the way to put it. It gets in through the center okay, but needs work on exit. So we'll tune it up and see what happens."

Q. What are your thoughts going in to the race tomorrow? "We start 32nd, but it's a long race, so you've got to be careful early on. You can't wait around too long though. You've got to get going. If the car's there, we'll hustle it up through the field. If it's not, we'll work on it until it is. I think this is a good race track for us. So if we just don't make any mistakes and make the car better on each stop, we should end up with a good day."

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