-- Hills Brothers coffee pulls sponsorship from Donlavey Racing. On the Saturday prior to raceday at Phoenix, the tema's sponsor informed Junie Donlavey that they wanted all their decals removed immediately.

The surprised Donlavey responded to the wishes of the sponsor. Hills Brothers had already paid in full for the entire season thus the remaining five races for the No. 90 Ford will be run without sponsor decals.

"It embarrasses you, but we have it cleaned up pretty good except for the hauler," said Donlavey, team owner. "It's a big blow to the whole team."

The Ford will remain with the red and yellow colors and will retain the "Salutes American Heroes" on it. The team will crew without the Hills Brothers uniforms -- just plain clothes.

The move came due to the change in drivers. Hut Stricklin was replaced by Rick Mast -- the team had failed to qaulify 10 times this season.

"The Chief, Junie, called me and said, 'Rick, I want you to finish out the season for us,'" Mast said. "He went on to say, 'Now, I can't pay you much, but we're going to have more fun than anyone in racing.'

Donlavey said he will begin searching for a new sponsor after the season.