Harvick On Double Duty: "I will not do this again"

Thomas Chemris

Pocono PA.

Since the start of the 2001 NASCAR season, double duty driver Kevin Harvick has raced a grand total of 12,923.84 on track race miles in the Winston Cup, and Busch Grand National series.

The Sophomore BGN driver, and leading Cup rookie of the year contender is solidly in command of the BGN point's race with a 163 point lead over Gregg Biffle.

And impressively ninth in the overall Cup standings, with only competing in 19 of the 20 events run thus far this year.

The month of July, and the Pocono/Pikes Peak weekend has been the greatest challenge for the California native due to the distance between tracks.

Due to the distance, Harvick was not available to practice or qualify his BGN, and was regulated to the rear of the field.

The RCR AC Delco team used the services of Ed Berrier to shake down the car at

Pikes Peak (Berrier qualified third)

While in transit to the Busch race, he also missed the final practice at Pocono, and Cup Veteran turned broadcaster Wally Dallenbach took the Goodwrench 29 through its final paces.

Harvick put a positive on being regulated to the back of the pack. "We're looking forward to starting at the back, it is just another challenge of our schedule", noted Harvick.

Harvick admits that the intense schedule has taken a toll on him.

"We have cut back on testing and sponsor appearance, so we can just focus on racing"

The strategy has seemed to work. During the month of July, a month that was considered the toughest of the schedule, the teams have scored two wins, three top fives, and one top ten, in the races run.

Harvick is pleased with his performance. ""It `s gone a lot better than any of us have anticipated. We've won both in the Winston Cup and the Busch car. We've run in the top five. We've run good".

Having gone so well, would Harvick continue to run both series next year?

"I don't think so. As well as we've done thru the month and the year. As positive as we want to think about it, and as positive as everything has been. The best way to put it is it's taken away from everything. I feel right now if we didn't have all things going on, our Winston Cup would be a lot better. Obviously, this is not how it is supposed to be, these are special circumstance, and we have to do special things. So far, we have had special results, and it is something I am not going to do again."

Harvick has committed that he will continue to run BGN in 2002, but only those races that run as a companion race to the Winston Cup Schedule.

As If he is not busy enough, Harvick has also announce that he is having two trucks built, and having formed his own team, he will run at the Craftsman Truck event in Richmond, the same weekend he will compete in the other two series.