Biffle earns Las Vegas pole

Greg Biffle earned his second career pole and first in two years at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Biffle's lap of 172.403 mph just eclipsed Tony Stewart for the top starting spot.

Greg Biffle.
Photo by Getty Images.
"Those cars make a ton of horsepower and handle really well," said Biffle. "They make my job really easy. Qualifying isn't our strong suit. The circumstances were right today, it was cold, we went out late. We could have been a little bit better out of the box but we're good. I am looking forward to Sunday."

Stewart, who ran a lap of 172.068 mph, will join Biffle on the front row, "These early races teach you very quickly where your program is compared to the competition. If your cars are good, you'll run well at California, Vegas, Atlanta, Texas and so on. Everybody wants to know where they stack up and shake up right now. If you can get off to a good start, it shows that your program is really where it needs to be. This is a huge week."

Jimmie Johnson was third, "It's obvious that we got off to a rocky start with what happened to (crew chief) Chad (Knaus) at the start of Daytona Speedweeks. But this is a very strong and very organized race team. We knew that we needed to make the best of it and go out there and just do our jobs. We've done that and we've been able to produce. We're leading the points and won the biggest race of the season. It's not the ideal situation, but we're going the best we can and actually are having a lot of fun."

Kyle Busch and Kasey Kahne complete the top five.

"I didn't look at the weather, but that (forecast) is interesting," said Kahne earlier this weekend. "It was a lot warmer when we tested out there. The tires get hot and slide around a lot more than when the track is colder, so if it's that cold on those days it'll just be faster. You'll have more grip. The front and rear of the car will handle better. It may be a better race. I feel like a lot of times when the track's real warm you get a few cars that really get it figured out and can kind of dominate the race. When it's colder sometimes you'll have seven or eight cars that are really good throughout the entire day."

Forty-nine cars attempted to qualify for the forty-three car field; failing to make the show were Stanton Barrett, Hermie Sadler, Brandon Ash, Mike Skinner, Morgan Shepard and Randy LaJoie.