Difficult last race for Aoyama

The last race of the season 2010 was not easy for Hiroshi Aoyama and the Interwetten Honda MotoGP Team. After Aoyama had a quite good start he couldn't match the speed of the other riders. In the middle of the race he improved his speed and shared the same lap times with all the other Honda riders, but was not able to keep the speed until the end of the race and finished it in 14th position. The 29 year old Japanese, who missed two months of his first year in the MotoGP class due to a bad injury of his back earlier this year, thanks his team for the support they gave him and will announce the team he will be riding with in the coming season during the next week.

Hiroshi Aoyama, 14 - 47'23.590:
"I want to thank my team and sponsors and all the people, who helped me this year. It was a tough year and not easy. Also the last race was tough and difficult. At the end I could finish the race, but I am not satisfied with the way I did it. I almost always finished the races in the points and I had some good experience this year, in my first year in the MotoGP class and I want to thank all the staff who was involved in it."

Tom Jojic, Chief Mechanic:
"This was a very difficult race. At the beginning it was not easy to get the necessary speed. Then Hiro could manage to ride with the same lap times as all the other Honda riders did, but he could not keep it. Of course we are not happy with the result."

Daniel M. Epp, Team Manager:
"It was a hard year. The effects of the nasty crash and the injury of Hiro you can still feel and see until the last race. Hiro is not fit yet and he will need until the next season starts to recuperate from it. We are looking back to a comeback in 2012 in the MotoGP class."

-source: interwetten