Whilst Alex Criville remains in the Dexeus Clinic after being operated yesterday of an injured tendom in his right hand's fifth finger, Team Repsol YPF Honda had to cancel the testing on the third day due to bad weather conditions and rain from night to today in the morning.

Ukawa and other Honda riders, awaited in their boxes for the track to dry out. However, both Alex Criville and Tohru Ukawa will not ride their Honda bikes until January 2001 in Malaysia. This test has yet to be confirmed as part of their intense pre-season program.

Doctor Mir (Clinica Dexeus, Barcelona), who operated Criville yesterday, has said: "Alex Criville needs to rest for four weeks and then have two more weeks to recover. This means he will be ready to test by mid January. He went through surgery last night, after slashing by one centimetre and a half a tendom of his right hand. We first cleaned this injury with antibiotics with a 24-hour effect, and then we fixed the tendom with some needles. We've done a skin transplant from his wrist to his injured finger. The rider will remain in the hospital today so as to control the infection that he could have. However we expect him to leave the hospital by tomorrow midday".